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The most beautiful city, even in the dark

Alhambra y Granada desde Mirador de San Miguel

Let yourself wander through Granada at night, full of squares, alleys and monuments with history.Find corners at which to enjoy a drink while experiencing the night, with scarce imitations worldwide.

Enjoy the views and a fantastic dusk from El Sacromonte.

You have gone up to the highest part of Granada? The Sacromonte neighbourhood was the place inhabited by the gypsies who came with the Catholic Monarchs' army when it conquered the city.

The area is very popular for its caves, the ancient homes of the Romany people. Currently, the inside of the rock is still inhabited, and the gypsies continue to sing and dance. El Sacromonte was the birthplace of zambra, a native flamenco dance that is very characteristic of the Granada's gypsy culture.

You have unbeatable views of Granada from here. Relax as the sun goes down and the city's first lights appear.

Walk back down to the city and find charming places to have a drink. 

Once back, the Albaicin is an obligatory stop. This neighbourhood, with a young and university atmosphere, offers meals at a great price. Stroll along Calle Panaderos or go directly to the more lively area, the Plaza Larga. For tapas stop at La Porrona or Aixa and observe the genuine Granada spirit. If you prefer something more peaceful, Plaza Aliatar is a magnificent destination for your stomach. 

Don't hesitate to take advantage of the chance and give the body some fun. In the Plaza Larga, it's typical to come across music street, whether performed by students, amateurs or authentic gypsies from the neighbourhood.

You can find improvised street shows throughout the area, whether music performances or juggling acts. The famous San Nicolás viewpoint, with the stunning Alhambra lit up in the background, is one of the classic places where you will find art exhibitions.

For those looking for something more familiar, the town centre is ideal. In Plaza Nueva, one of the city's most visited, you will find restaurants and bars for all tastes. In Plaza Bib-Rambla, one of the most popular in Granada, you will find good options to satisfy your appetite and thirst.

Looking for a more special corner? Discover the Puente de Cabrera to have a drink. Its location is picture-perfect: an old bridge of a single arch joining the beautiful Carrera del Darro with the Churra neighbourhood.

More spots to discover: Calle Colcha, also in the centre. It's a perfect place to come with your partner or family and enjoy the evening in any local restaurant, such as Carmela. And don't forget to stroll under the watch of the spectacular Granada Cathedral.

Try the night routes! Discover everything about the old neighbourhoods of Granada.

Granada is a city with a very long history. As such, it hides many secrets that go unnoticed for most tourists. Perhaps this is why it is increasingly frequent to find small groups led by a guide who enjoy small brushstrokes about the city while on an evening stroll.

The Albaicin is the star district for this type of activity. The amount of stories and secrets about it are equivalent to the district's age. From the narrow streets of the upper part of town, to Paseo de los Tristes, along the course of the Darro River. Every corner has its own story.

The night tours are not limited to anything: there are on foot or also by segway. Find them in the Albaicin, El Realejo or the Centre. Choose the one you most desire: legendary, unresolved mysteries, historic and monumental. Some even include theatrical representations of events. For more, there are also night visits at the Alhambra. Don't leave a single centimetre of Granada unexplored!

The most beautiful city, even in the dark
Granada (Granada)