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The Palacio del Acebrón and a footpath full of landscapes

El palacio del Acebrón y una ruta de paisajes (13)

A palace hidden in the middle of the Doñana Nature Reserve? This article we invite you to discover it by going down a lovely circular 2 kilometre footpath and through forests of all kinds!

If you visit Doñana, one of the most beautiful and varied footpaths for enjoying nature with family or friends, you will see that it runs along a circular route of 2 kilometres around the protected area of the Rocín stream, also known as "el charco del Acebrón”.

As you reach Acebrón, the first thing that will surprise visitors is the majestic Palacio del Acebrón with a white façade that will appear before you.

This palace was built in 1961 by Luis Espinosa Fontdevilla as a private residence, and today it is one of the visitor centres of the Doñana Nature Reserve.

Following the route marked with signs, continue along a series of wooden paths surrounded by vegetation, which leads to a lake commonly known as "el charco".

After visiting the lake, you will walk around it on paths that may make you think at times that you are in the Tertiary period when you realise you are surrounded by tangled vines and creepers.

A gorgeous landscape which gradually disappears to make way for the cork forests

Pines, willows and ferns

Stunning trails that at dusk turn the path into fairy-tale landscapes where taking a break, either to have a snack or a little picnic, will be an obligation.

The Palacio del Acebrón and a footpath full of landscapes
Almonte (Huelva)