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Tourism in Malaga, an eco-city worth exploring

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The Costa del Sol is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Andalusia. Furthermore, the host of options you can enjoy in an eco-responsible manner multiplies every day. They are plenty of alternatives. Will you discover them?

Perfecting links between different towns, encouraging the use of alternative transport methods, promoting consumption in local establishments and, in short, improving the quality of life of citizens: these are some of the objectives that aim the Province of Malaga is aiming to achieve through the development of new forms of tourism.

As such, the Costa del Sol, little by little, has become a leading destination for travellers who want to combine pleasure and relaxation with a green philosophy. Such is its development that Malaga is now one of the pioneering settings in terms of "zero emissions" mobility and it has become a privileged place driving new technologies in transport. A clear example of this lies in the Sustainable Mobility Forum, which hosted its first edition in 2015 and which gathers the sector's most innovative ideas.

Malaga: a very well-connected city

From the province's capital, you can travel to different points on the Costa del Sol via the suburban train, which provides an agile connection between Malaga and some neighbouring towns, including Torremolinos, Benalmádena and Álora. Furthermore, the city has a powerful network of urban buses, comprising over 50 lines, that will enable you to quickly, comfortably and ecologically reach any point. These vehicles include electric and hybrid models that consume 20% less fuel.

Eco-sustainable alternative transport

However, if you are looking for action, we suggest you try using a bicycle. The options are highly varied: guided or free-to-explore routes with Bike2Málaga Tours&Rent; electric bicycles enabling you to discover essential routes with Ebike Málaga; the full hire, repair, transport and storage services of Málaga Bike Solutions; and the Malaga city bike loan service, Málaga Bici.

In its unstoppable drive towards a cleaner city, Malaga has electric vehicles available to all. Happy Drive, for example, offers tours in modern electric buggies, guided by GPS, with which you can easily explore the city in a fun way.

This option is joined by a popular mode of transport: the Segway. This is a revolutionary personal vehicle that allows you to come and go while standing on a base, using self-balance. The Segway has handlebars to easily direct it, regulate speed and help you to stop. Companies like Segway Málaga Experience and Segway Málaga Tours make use of this innovative resource, facilitating a distinctive way to explore the Costa del Sol.

If you're into skateboarding, you can slide around the city on your board and discover a large part of the historic centre.

At your own pace around the city

What if your body asks for a break? There's nothing better than a stroll around the centre of Malaga on foot. Much of its historic centre has been pedestrianised, favouring the transit of visitors who move between the city's museums, its gastronomic diversity and countless shops, stores and bazaars to suit all tastes.

Furthermore, it is now possible to truly immerse yourself in the city's character with professional guides who propose alternative routes to traditional ones, enabling you to discover locals' favourite areas, the city's unusual features and its most traditional corners. This is what staff at WeLoveMálaga propose. Their catalogue encompasses history, nature, folklore and southern cuisine.

If you decide to tackle Malaga on foot, you will love the grandeur of its symbolic buildings, including the University's Rector's Office and the Málaga Museum. You must enjoy a glass of wine in Plaza de la Merced, a plate of fried fish in Atarazanas Market, and, of course, the feeling of seawater at your feet on any of the beaches on Malaga's coast.

Tourism in Malaga, an eco-city worth exploring
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