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Two perfect highlights for a day at the Sierra Nevada

Feliz día en la Sierra Nevada

A wonderful evening at more than 3000 metres reached with snowcats and the best relaxation between bubbles with views of the mountain range... can the day end any better at the Sierra Nevada?

With the following article, we have committed to making you green with envy with a couple of experiences you are probably not aware of and that if you travel to the Sierra Nevada mountain range, you cannot miss outon as an ideal highlight for a snow day at the mountain range.

At dusk relax by looking at the mountain range from between the bubbles.

One snowy day, uphill slope, downward slope, a lift here, a ski lift there, a descent, another descent...it is extremely fun but it must be acknowledged that one can be completely O.K. at the end of the day so a bit of relaxation to end the day is not a bad idea, right? It seems everything was thought of at the Sierra Nevada Resort. Therefore you may replenish your energy for another day of skiing, what do you think about relaxing, taking a dip in a heated pool while snowflakes fall on the other side of a window and you watch the sunset?

You can't deny you like the idea, right? This place you see is the YHI Wellness of the Meliá Sierra Nevada Hotel, a place to let the senses run, purifying the body and mind. Quite an experience which will leave you feeling good as new and which you may combine with a massage or hydrothermal circuit which includes a footbath, Finnish sauna, ice fountains and the famous "sensation fountains".

Say goodbye to the sun at an altitude of over 3000 metres

Everyday, the sunset at the Sierra Nevada mountain range becomes a spectacle of colours where the sun bathes the snowy slopes converting white into cream, orange and red colours which are a delight for the senses. Choose a good place to wait for the magical moment when the sun hides behind the mountains. It is a good choice and what better place than waiting for it at more than 3000 metres?

The idea of watching the sunset from a place like this convinces you, does it not? But now you will ask yourself: how do I get to this height if the slopes are closed at that time or I do not know how to ski? Don't worry. Part of the experience we offer is being able to go up to the 3000 metres in a 600 horsepower snowcat, something I assure you is like nothing you have ever experienced.

Imagine going up steep slopes in an enormous snowcat with your entire family and all your friends while seeing, through the windows, the entire mountain range being bathed in golden colours.

It is nothing bad to end the day by relaxing at YHI Wellness. However, having a sunset over a sea of clouds with mountains shyly hidden between fog as the sun escapes is also not a poor way to end the day at the Sierra Nevada Resort, right?

And as a final touch... what does this bottle of champagne cooling off in the snow suggest to you?

Indeed, nothing better than making a toast to the sun in tribute to one of the most beautiful shows of nature. A beautiful place for proposing, right? Hehe.

A spectacular setting where you can feel one with the landscapes which will only surprise you in this way from 3000 metres.

Would you like to experience this? 

To be able to experience the beautiful sunset in a snowcat, you must contact Cetursa and directly reserve the experience with them. In the case of the SPA overlooking the mountain range, the ideal is to directly contact the Meliá Sierra Nevada hotel and the Meliá Sol y Nieve hotel which will inform you about schedules, prices and relaxation packages.

Two perfect highlights for a day at the Sierra Nevada
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