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Unique flavours and dining experiences in Osuna

Tostas de atún con verduras

A tasting of coffees from around the world, the experience of Babel cuisine and lunch in a palace

When I visited Osuna, I was looking not only to eat some of the finest dishes from the area, but also to live an experience. Tapas are a common denominator in Andalusia. Spots where you can have a beer with good fish or beef tapas won't be difficult for you to find anywhere, and of course not in Osuna, so we wanted to go a step further and mix flavours with experiences, taking you to places where you not only eat, but truly live unforgettable and different moments Let's get started!

Mr. Chava and his coffee tastings

Serrano ham on toast, 100% natural fresh orange juice and Señor Café, toasted by Chava himself, a Spanish national barista champion who serves one of the best coffees in Osuna, and probably in Spain, every day.

Chava tell us that coffee is a fruit and since it is a fruit, it has many flavours. He goes on to tell us that little is known about coffee, and people are satisfied with the typical roasted coffee that is usually served in cafés without giving their palates the opportunity to enjoy the flavours of coffees like the ones served in his café.

Free tastings where you can savour coffees imported from around the world, which will definitely mean a before and an after for your palate and coffee.

Lunch in a palace

For the next gastronomic option, we will go to Calle San Pedro in downtown Osuna, and more specifically to the refurbished Palacio Marqués de la Gomera, a charming palace from the 18th century with stuccoed walls and attic-style rooms where you can taste some of the finest dishes in the city surrounded by a unique environment.

Dishes such as "arroz ciego", veal steak stuffed with ham and aged cheese, and brochettes with monkfish, shrimp and king prawns will make your mouth water while you enjoy one of most historic places in the ducal town.

Babel, a place to unwind and enjoy

Babel is a special place. A place with great spaces, where its philosophy is that different people with different styles and ways of thinking can coexist under the taste of good cuisine, slow unhurried cooking which can be enjoyed like you would admire a painting.

Cuisine with 100% organic dishes whose ingredients come from local vegetable gardens and animals, such the red partridge game pictured here.

Tuna toast with aubergine pâté, ciabatta bread made from a secret Iberian recipe with cheese and tomato preserves, stuffed mushrooms, spinach and quail egg pastry, prawns in tempura with curry sauce... A fusion cuisine between the everyday Osuna cuisine and the flavours and spices of North Africa.

If you are looking for something different, original and unconventional, a place to spend a pleasant evening with friends for coffee, lunch, dinner and live shows... Babel is your place.

Unique flavours and dining experiences in Osuna