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Visit Almería's historical monuments

Alcazaba de Almería

Discover the fascinating history of this ancient city through its monuments. Don't miss these places if you want to reconstruct its past.

Alcazaba Monumental Complex

This fortress offers one of the finest examples in Spain of the architecture of al-Andalus. Here, you will stroll through more than a thousand years of history, discovering how the city has evolved over time: from its creation to the conquest by the Catholic Monarchs, through the days when it was one of the most important cities of al-Ándalus. A true jewel in the history of Almería.

Catedral de Almería

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Incarnation

This cathedral combines a rich variety of architectural styles. Elements from the Gothic, Baroque, Neoclassical and Renaissance periods all blend together in this incredible religious building, which also has the structure of a fortress. In view of these merits it is a protected cultural property and a national historic-artistic monument belonging to Spain's national treasures.

Catedral de Almería

The English Pier

Located next to the Levante Dock, this mineral loading bay belonged to the British company that exploited the Alquife mines. Built in 1904, today it is a protected cultural property and well worth a visit to admire its industrial style and sheer size. The structure will also remind you of a major French monument as it is inspired by the architecture of Gustave Eiffel.

Cable Inglés

House of Butterflies

This elegant house, nowadays a protected cultural property, is a showcase for the luxuries of 20th-century well-to-do families, with ostentatious ornamentation like the butterflies on the turret from which it takes its name. For many years it was also the tallest building in the city.

The house is still privately owned so unfortunately you won't be able to see the interior. Even so, Almería has numerous mementos from the past that are still intact today and available to explore. The streets, museums and monuments will reward you with the secrets of this ancient city.


cultura monumental de la alcazaba catedral de la encarnación cable inglés casa de las mariposas
Visit Almería's historical monuments