The Colours of Autumn



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The sun is getting lower on the horizon and the light is softer. The colours are accentuated and express greater contrasts and importance.

The natural areas of Andalusia are ideal places to enjoy the autumnal details, like the fauna, flora, fruits, mushrooms, etc.

The country in autumn is full of chestnuts, wild mushrooms, colour and lots of magic; Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy nature in its best season.

Although we have visited natural areas in other seasons, during the autumn we see new colours and we can see dramatic changes in the landscape. This is why we suggest the following:

Bird migration

Every year thousands of birds fly over the Strait of Gibraltar on their way to Africa for winter. A unique spectacle you shouldn't miss

During these migratory routes, a great variety of birds find rest in our strategically located marshes.

You can get further information on bird migration at the Strait Information Point


 Collecting wild mushrooms

After a rainy autumn day, wild mushrooms are the stars of the fields.

Grab your wicker basket and come pick them. You'll have a great day and hopefully you'll take home a share of this mountain treasure.

And then it's time to enjoy them at home- the possibilities are endless.

Places in Andalusia where you will find these prized wild mushrooms:

Espiel (Cordoba): Saffron Milk Cap

Jimena de la Frontera (Cadiz): Chanterelle

Serranía de Ronda (Malaga): Caesar's Mushroom

El Andévalo (Huelva): White Truffle

Sierra de Cazorla, Segura and las Villas (Jaen): Saffron Milk Cap, Oyster Mushroom, Poplar Mushroom and Black Truffle.

Sierra de Aracena (Huelva): Boletus

Deer Mating Season

In this season, Los Alcornocales and Sierra Morena become a stage for one of the most chilling spectacles of our natural surroundings.

To enjoy this, various groups organise trips into the forest to attend the rut ritual and battles between the male deer who fight for the females in order to perpetuate the species with the fawns born in the spring.


Chestnut forests


The chestnut forest is one of the most characteristic landscapes of the Sierra de Aracena and the Sierra de las Nieves, which becomes beautiful in Autumn thanks to the colour of the leaves contrasted with their spike-covered fruits resembling a hedgehog.





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