Christmas Carols



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Christmas Carols

Christmas carols are the music to accompany the festive season- on the television, in shops, out in the street and in the theatres.

They are deeply rooted in the purest tradition of Spanish music. They are usually happy tunes and tell stories of Bethlehem or the family of Jesus.

Most of them have their roots in village life, hence the accompaniment tends to be simple (tambourine, zambomba (a kind of drum), mortar or the playing of an anisette bottle).

You will often come across groups of children and adults singing these carols in the main streets of towns and cities.

Flamenco Christmas - La Zambomba

The Zambombas were nothing more than meetings of friends, neighbours and families who got together every year on the day before Christmas Eve in the patios and courtyards of shared houses.

Here a circle would form around the fire, with people spontaneously singing and dancing to Christmas carols for an indeterminate length of time, with wine, anisette and Christmas sweets in abundance. The main instrument is the zambomba, hence the name of the fiesta.

These zambombas are traditionally hand-made, from an earthenware pot covered with an animal skin. A piece of cane is fastened in the centre of the skin, so that rubbing the cane produces a sound.

Everyone takes part at these Zambombas, singing or playing some kind of instrument.

Although Seville and Jerez are where this tradition is most deeply rooted, Christmas songs are sung throughout Andalusia. From the Verdiales-style carols in Malaga to the campanilleros of Pozoblanco.

The offer of Christmas concerts and Zambombas is endless inAndalusia, so we recommend that you carefully look through the events in our events search engine.

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