Monuments in Andalusia



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Going to Andalusia and letting yourself be guided, step-by-step, from monument to monument, is there anything better? The ancient history of this land inhabited since prehistoric times has left behind an immense legacy of artistic heritage throughout Andalusia. 

The following are declared World Heritage Sites: Alhambra, Generalife and Albaycín de Granada; the Alcázar, the Cathedral and Seville Indias Archive ; the Great Mosque and Córdoba's historic centre; and the Renaissance Cities Úbeda and Baeza.

All with one common point: they are unmissable!

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Aceña Árabe de Jauja

  • Village : Jauja
  • Municipality: Lucena
  • Province: Córdoba
  • On the exterior arc of the meander the Genil River traces nearest the homes of Jauja is an old building known as the Arab water ...

    Guía Intérprete Historic building

Acueducto de los Arcos

  • Municipality: Algeciras
  • Province: Cádiz
  • The Los Arcos Aqueduct, also known as the Aqueduct of Algeciras, is one of the most important structures built in the city in its first ...

    Historic building

Acueducto Romano de Albánchez

  • Municipality: Albánchez
  • Province: Almería
  • Los Arcos de La Rambla del Pozo, como se conoce en el lugar al Acueducto Romano de Albánchez, es una construcción hidráulica excepcional,...

Acueducto y Termas Romanas de Almuñécar

  • Municipality: Almuñécar
  • Province: Granada
  • In Almuñecar, the aqueduct and Roman baths bear witness to a majestic work that, in olden times, captured water and brought it into the c...

    Historic building

Alcazaba de Almería

  • Municipality: Almería
  • Province: Almería
  • The Alcazaba of Almería can be seen from any part of the city and it is the biggest of the citadels built by the Arabs ...

    Historic building

Alcazaba de Baza

  • Municipality: Baza
  • Province: Granada
  • Aunque en la actualidad sólo se conservan algunos tramos de muralla y restos de varias torres, la Alcazaba de Baza fue en su tiempo una ...

Alcazaba de Estepa

  • Municipality: Estepa
  • Province: Sevilla
  • La Alcazaba de Estepa es la antigua alcazaba árabe, localizada en la zona de mayor altitud del municipio. Posteriormente, albergó el pala...

    Historic building

Alcazaba de Guadix

  • Municipality: Guadix
  • Province: Granada
  • A national historic monument built in the 11th century, it is the best example of Moorish culture in Guadix. The Seminary, founded in 159...

    Historic building

Alcazaba de Loja

  • Municipality: Loja
  • Province: Granada
  • Los restos arqueológicos encontrados en la Alcazaba de Loja dan fe de la existencia de un núcleo poblacional en épocas ibérica y romana. ...

Alcazaba de Málaga

  • Municipality: Málaga
  • Province: Málaga
  • It was the palace-fortress of the city's governing Muslims. Against the hillside of the mount of Gibralfaro, it was constructed in the XI...

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