Routes of the Heritage of Al-Andalus

Rutas del Legado Andalusí


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Routes of the Heritage of Al-Andalus  

There was a time when the Iberian peninsular formed part of Islam. This was the period of Al-Andalus: eight centuries of coexistence and struggle between two cultures -Muslim and Christian- which represented an absolutely unique phenomenon in mediaeval Europe.

The period of Muslim presence continued until their expulsion, and left a profound imprint all over the peninsula. But it was in Andalusia where Islam gave its greatest fruits, and these can still be seen in the layout and appearance of many of our towns and cities, and in constructions and buildings which have in some cases received the distinction of being named a part of our World Heritage for their outstanding beauty and emblematic value.

The culture of Al-Andalus was profoundly urban; Andalusia had over 60 major cities, whereas Christian Spain boasted no more than seven.

The Islamic city typically had a series of fixed elements. The wall, with its towers and doors, from which rose the imposing bulk of the fortress (alcazaba) and palace (alcázar). Inside the walls was the town itself, bustling and compact, the site of the congregational mosques, markets, granaries, silk exchanges, and public baths. The most important cities had neighbourhoods extending beyond the walls.

There were numerous different quarters inside the cities, often inhabited by the members of minority religions, primarily the Christians known as Mozarabs, and the Jews. The streets were narrow and winding, with large sections of solid walls and a multitude of little alleys and walkways whose doors were closed at night but which by day gave access to the interior of the blocks which housed the dwellings, zealously guarding the privacy of the family.

The Routes of the Andalusí -or Al-Andalus- heritage include all the roads which were laid down centuries ago to connect the Kingdom of Granada with the rest of Andalusia, Murcia and Portugal.

The routes recovered by the El Legado Andalusí Foundation faithfully trace the original layout of these itineraries. They provide a way to explore over 280 towns and villages, many of them far removed from the usual tourist circuit, as well as offering travellers the chance to enjoy tranquil scenery, to journey unhurriedly while sampling the local culinary delicacies, and to let the imagination fly while revisiting the landscapes of the past. It is also an invitation to discover the arts and crafts, the gastronomy, the popular festivities and the customs of the cities and towns to be found along the way.

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Ruta de al-Idrisi

  • Municipality: Almuñécar, Frigiliana, Lecrín, Málaga, Motril, Nerja
  • Provinces: Granada, Málaga
  • Type: Cultural routes
  • Subtype: Routes of the Heritage of Al-Andalus
  • Este recorrido parte de la ciudad de Málaga, y sigue las descripciones de al-Andalus que hizo el geógrafo al-Idrisi. Visita los pueblos c...

Ruta de al-Mutamid

Ruta de Ibn al-Jatib

  • Municipality: Baza, Castril, Diezma, Galera, Gor, Guadix
  • Provinces: Granada, Almería
  • Type: Cultural routes
  • Subtype: Routes of the Heritage of Al-Andalus
  • Esta ruta recorre un camino que va desde Murcia hasta Granada, pasando por tierras de Almería, en unos paisajes sembrados de pequeños pue...

Ruta de las Alpujarras

The Route of the Caliphate

Ruta de los Almorávides y Almohades

Ruta de los Nazaríes

Ruta de Washington Irving

Ruta Paseos por Granada

  • Municipality: Granada
  • Province: Granada
  • Type: Cultural routes
  • Subtype: Routes of the Heritage of Al-Andalus
  • Al fin, la mítica capital, asentada en la cabecera de la Vega del Genil y respaldada por la Sierra, nos brinda su riqueza histórica, artí...

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