Routes of the Heritage of Al-Andalus

Rutas del Legado Andalusí


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Al-Andalus Heritage Routes

For almost eight centuries the Iberian Peninsula lived through one of the most fascinating eras, not only in Spain but in the whole of Europe: the era of Muslim Spain, which the Moors called Bilad al-Andalus. The blend of races, religions and cultures led to the emergence of a brilliant civilisation in which the arts and sciences flourished, creating a subtle architecture, bright and sensual poetry which made it the cultural hub of Europe, a bridge between East and West, the birthplace of a splendid and refined civilisation.

Today, Andalusia, is making it possible for everyone to learn more about this living and valid heritage by offering opportunities like the Al-Andalus Heritage Routes, which take us to beautiful locations and provide us with a broad view of our Andalusian culture and the possibility of coming to terms with it.

Experience the Al-Andalus Heritage Routes by exploring the paths once created to communicate the Kingdom of Granada with the rest of Andalusia, Murcia and Portugal. They have not appeared by chance, they are all routes which were created, survive and have been maintained throughout history. Some arose out of the need to supply the capital of the Nasrid kingdom with products like silk, fish and meat. Other became famous for having been explored by famous travellers like Washington Irving, or legendary characters like the poet-king Al-Mutamid…at different times in history.

The Andalusian Public Foundation called “the Al-Andalus Heritage not only aims to recover, publish and preserve the historic, artistic and architectural heritage of Al-Andalus but also the best values of that civilisation, its meaning of life, its tolerance and coexistence, music, gastronomy, daily life,… the traces of which can be seen in the artistic ideas, the character and the attitude to life of the custodians of this legacy.

These routes conjure up reminiscences and inspire us, taking us to little-known locations and often far removed from the usual tourist routes, giving the traveller a chance to discover, enjoy, recall, taste and set the imagination free, turning the past into the present.

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Al-Mutamid Route

The Route of the Caliphate

Route of the Almoravids and the Almohads


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The Nasrid Route

The Umayyad Route

Washington Irving Route

Ruta Paseos por Granada

  • Municipality: Granada
  • Province: Granada
  • Type: Cultural routes
  • Subtype: Routes of the Heritage of Al-Andalus
  • Al fin, la mítica capital, asentada en la cabecera de la Vega del Genil y respaldada por la Sierra, nos brinda su riqueza histórica, artí...

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