The cheeses of Andalusia are small ethnographic treasures for you to sample, each bite is a little piece of the cuisine of Andalusia, with the aroma and flavour of the countryside, meadows, thyme, rosemary, toffee, cream and nuts, spices and sweets, some creamy, others preserved in olive oil.… They are the perfect complement for Ham and good Andalusian wine.

The originality and excellence of Andalusia's unknown cheeses is directly due to the type of high-quality milk used, -most of it comes from endemic breeds of sheep and goats-, popular wisdom in each area transmitted from generation to generation, and traditional, craft production, all under strict sanitary controls. Tradition, imagination, creativity and innovation join together to ennoble the rich Cheese Heritage of Andalusia.

There are six endemic breeds of Andalusian goats: Malaga, Blanca Andaluza, Florida, Murciano-Granadina, Negra Serrana and Payota, and two breeds of sheep: Segurea and Merina. They are perfectly adapted to the territory, their milk, produces cheeses of excellent quality with a strong personality.

Andalusia is the main region in Spain for the production of goat's milk , headed by the province of Málaga. The herders are distributed around the mountains and hillsides, where most of the 80 existing craft cheese dairies are located. Numerous activities are organised throughout the territory to display this fascinating world: visits to cheese dairies, workshops on traditional cheese making, tastings, and numerous events, including: Craft Cheese Market in Aracena (Huelva), Craft Cheese Fair in Teba (Malaga), Cheese Fair in Zuheros (Cordoba), Cheese Fair in Baena(Cordoba), Andalusian Craft Cheese Fair in Villaluenga del Rosario (Cadiz), Cheese Fair in Almeria, Traditional Cheese Exhibition in Alcala la Real Jaen

A surprising gastronomic experience!

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