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From the funnest snow to science… with children!

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Of the attractions for children that are the most fun in Sierra Nevada are the intriguing experiments for the entire family at the Granada Science Park. A perfect plan, for children and adults alike!

You're lucky if you have children! In this article we want to suggest an irresistible plan for breaking away from the routine of your young children with a couple of entertaining spots where you will have lots of fun! For this, we have travelled to Granada capital, to live an incredible day of snow and science with fun as an ingredient we promise won't be overlooked.

We will start the day at the Sierra Nevada mountains.

We must go up to Pradollano, where the Theme Park Mirlo Blanco is definitely the perfect place for our children's enjoyment.

Here you will find giant ice slides

A sledging area at which to head up and down until wearing out your batteries with fun sledges and bicycles with skis…

An ice rink and the star attraction: the Russian sledge.

Two passengers, a giant sledge with brakes, adrenaline and a roller coaster in the snow will test your reflexes in what is unquestionably the best attraction of the mountains.

And from Pradollano in the mountains we descend to the city of Granada to exchange snow for experiments and the famous Science Park of Granada.

Here, both children and yourselves will enjoy a series of temporary and permanent exhibitions where the basic rule is "not touching is forbidden”.

Strolling through the park we will have the chance to discover the Biosphere and living beings that comprise it. We can follow with a camera the movement of piranhas, observe the composition of human DNA or see a meter counting the world's population in real time.

In the Science Park we can take a journey through human body. From experiments like this entertaining thermal chamber in which we'll discover our body's temperature…

Also, unique pieces like skeletons of whales, animal hearts, experiment how our brain works, see how our insides function through a wide range of games and observing such amazing bodies as one plastinated by Doctor Gunther Von Hagens, creator of this novel plastination technique.

We find from entertaining rooms as "Explore”, where the idea is for children to explore interesting and rare objects that they play with to guess how they operate, etc.

Furthermore, the perception rooms where we can test our 5 senses by playing with sound, lights, mirrors and a host of experiments where for combining faces, multiplying our body, flying thanks to symmetry or confusing our brain through a variety of experiments for all ages that will be tremendously entertaining.

At the Science Park of Granada, almost anything is possible. From pedalling a bike to check your energy level to manipulating electric circuits, playing with a gyroscope or using the force of air to make objects float.

You can visit a giant butterfly vivarium, where you can find many species of tropical butterfly in the room…

And the best of all! A spectacular birdshow of birds of prey where you will flip out watching the flight of immense birds close up, that will astound you.

From immense owls you will see hunting live.

Listen to a falcon's hoot…

Or feel the force of the air forced by the wings of an eagle flying over your heads.

As you can see, several experiences for children and adults alike, where both in snow and surrounded by experiments, your kids cannot stop having fun in a city that has a lot to offer for spending a fun-filled, family weekend with memories to last a lifetime.

From the funnest snow to science… with children!
Monachil, Sierra Nevada (Granada)