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Magic places in Andalusia for celebrating Christmas with your pet

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Christmas is here and we want to share with you, lovers of animals, some of these corners of our geography for spending a sweet and unforgettable stay with our friends.

Our lifestyles, when we live with pets, must be compatible with them. If you like traveling at Christmas, we must be able to take them with us. In addition to a planning to find dog-friendly routes, if your stay will be in capitals, it is necessary to avoid the rush hours where greatest crowds of people concur. Likely we must ask ourselves, if your companion is still a puppy, before leaving home: "Will my pet like the Christmas atmosphere in the streets?” And it is possible that you not even think of where to travel with dogs, but merely only need to go somewhere to get together with the family. In any case, you must attend to your pet which, accustomed to being at home, is more of a homebody than anyone else.

Soho of Malaga

A day trip with your dog along Larios street - epicentre at this time of year in ciudad de Málaga-, fills you with the Christmas spirit at its height, but without the vespertine noise and night, which is a crazy wonder! We suggest, towards the end of the street when heading toward the Port, that you continue the route along the Malaga Soho. This expansion of Malaga, since several years ago, has been repopulated by numerous and various establishments, graffiti expressionists and an urban effervescence reflected in its markets and other leisure activities. The so-called "Art Neighbourhood” regenerates, with a clear commitment to local artists, who every first Saturday of the month sell their creations on Calle Tomás Heredia, as part of the Made in Soho initiative.

Christmas Museum in Montefrio (Granada)

Discovering one of the few open museums dedicated to Christmas in the world, which would delight Phil Spector himself (record producer of the most famous album of carols in the world, and who had a real obsession with Christmas). It is reason enough to climb up to the peak of Montefrío, a village in the province of Granada. Here is found, sharing the building with the Olive Museum, the Museo de la Navidad; private collection of Guy Theuwkens and Nathalie Vanherck - a couple from Belgium who settled in this town of Granada - whose leitmotif is this time of year.

Here are exhibited Christmas decorative pieces from the 19th century (back to the decade of the sixties of the last century), nativity scenes, calendars, paintings, classic glass pieces and decorations by Erzgebirge, which are themselves a classic for lovers of Christmas. They allow pets, so you can visit with your hairy friend without any problem. And afterward, peeking over the stunning natural viewpoints of this Granada spot, where a very beautiful landscape unfolds.

Christmas in Seville

Perhaps it is time to dress your dog in his best Christmas gala, i.e: Santa Claus hat to fit in with the ambience. If you decide to visit Sevilla with your dog during Christmas, you must visit one of the city's most adorned areas, San Francisco Plaza, which these days is full of light and colour to create this atmosphere of excitement, with which we have all grown up and that we don't want to let go of. Video mappings with shows that recreate stories of the city, spectacular light decorations, ice skating rinks and Christmas trees with absolutely charming lights.

In addition to the interesting parks for dogs you will find in Seville, you can go stroll with your pet through Plaza de España, a perennial majesty since 1929. Find yourself among the Spanish provinces represented in the famous semielliptical square, if you come from Spain, and run around with your pet!

Living Nativity scenes in Cadiz

At this time of year, the living nativity scenes are common in the province of Cadiz, and are depicted with real enthusiasm. Worth highlighting are, for example, the Medina Sidonia and Arcos de la Frontera; the first for the participation of the village, and the second for its antiquity and recognition. Careful if your hairy friend decides to become an extra and go on stage!

To sleep, you can opt for accommodations like La Casa Grande, a typical Cadiz palace that opens its doors in Arcos de la Frontera to humans and dogs. Terracotta floors and old whitewashed walls for a building dating back to 1729, when the Núñez de Prado family settled there.

Magic places in Andalusia for celebrating Christmas with your pet
Arcos de la Frontera, Málaga, Medina-Sidonia, Montefrío, Sevilla (Cádiz, Granada, Málaga, Sevilla)