Centro de Interpretación Etnológico Matilde Gallardo

Centro de Interpretación Etnológico Matilde Gallardo
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In Minas de Riotinto, the Matilde Gallardo Ethnological Visitor Centre invites you to discover a traditional workers' house in El Alto de la Mesa – a historical working class district – and one of the vegetable gardens that was occupied by a working class family during the British period.

It boasts an exhibition area with a lot of information and many types of museum items: artistic, architectural, ethnographic, documentary, etc. The Matilde Gallardo Centre aims to present avant-garde museology.

Until the 1960s, the vegetable gardens in the mining area of Riotinto were places that met many of the needs of the working class. If we class these vegetable gardens in the region as traditional, it means that they have added value from a historical point of view, and even more so if its roots are connected with the development of the mining industry during the colonial capitalism period.

It also offers the opportunity to learn a traditional asset orchard, which includes, optionally, a guided path environment orchards. Tasting seasonal produce.

Tuesday to Thursday from 10:30 am. to 2 pm. The rest of of visits are concluded by phone.

Visit the Ethnological Center: Adults: €2 Retired: €1.5 Children, 6 to 12 years: €1 Accompanied children under 6 years: Free Visit the traditional garden: Children under 6 years: €3 From 6 years: €5

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Centro de Interpretación Etnológico Matilde Gallardo
Calle Fenicios, Alto de la Mesa, 17, 21660
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