Land of the Ruiz family. Cordoba.

Land of the Ruiz family. Cordoba.
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This tour will lay out before us the work of the Ruiz family of architects from Córdoba, who were most active during the Andalusian renaissance.

The essence of the new architecture in Córdoba is to be found in the Cathedral, practically hidden among the forest of columns inside the mosque. The Capilla Mayor and choir are masterpieces begun in 1523 by Hernán Ruiz el Viejo and continued by his son.

On the precincts of the mosque there are also some facades to be seen, the Patio de los Naranjos and the mannerist bell tower designed in 1593 by Hernán Ruiz III and Asensio Maeda. Hernán Ruiz II designed the facade for the church of San Pedro in 1542, the tower of the church of San Lorenzo in 1555, and the tower and baptismal chapel for the church of San Nicolás de la Villa. Two examples provide an idea of the artistic transition, the so-called "humanist Gothic" work by Hernán Ruiz el Viejo: the facade of the old hospital of San Sebastián (Convention Centre) and of the hospital of La Caridad or of El Potro.

However, it is in private houses and mansions that the best examples of Renaissance architecture are seen in Córdoba: the present Music Conservatory of the first phase of the Renaissance. La Casa de la Familia Luna. Casa de los Villalones and above all, Casa Páez de Castillejo with a magnificent facade designed in 1540 by Hernán Ruiz II. The Palacio de Viana has a mannerist facade by Juan de Ochoa. Also in the later style is Puerta del Puente by Hernán Ruiz III, built in 1572-1577.

On the way out of Córdoba, towards Pedroches, the church of San Juan Bautista can be seen at Hinojosa del Duque, built by the Ruiz family. Southwards, the itinerary takes us to La Rambla, where the church of La Asunción´s facade was done by Hernán Ruiz II in 1530. Also by the Ruiz family we have the churches of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe and Santa María at Baena. Priego has two mannerist buildings: the Royal Abattoirs and La Salud fountain, beside Neptune´s fountain. This tour could end at Benamejí, at the bridge (Puente) built in mid-16th century by Hernán Ruiz II.

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