Route Almadraba Tuna

Route Almadraba Tuna
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Year after year, every May for the last 2,000 years, Tuna Trap fishing returns to the Coast of Cadiz.

May is a special time along the entire Atlantic coast of Cadiz province. It's when the first tuna fish approach the coastline on their way to the Mediterranean Sea to lay their eggs. A real delicacy that has been caught in the same way since time immemorial: "almadraba" tuna traps. A traditional and spectacular fishing art. Man against tuna. A fight in which the fastest and most agile wins.

Every spring, the only traditional "almadraba" tuna nets in all of Andalusia are deployed along the coasts of Barbate and Zahara de los Atunes, Conil and Tarifa. It is an art that is preserved and defended by local fishermen and which represents the sustainability of the species, gracing our table with a delicacy that cannot be obtained by other forms of fishing.

As it is frozen below 60°, you can enjoy "almadraba" tuna all year round. That's why the three municipalities, along with restaurants, hotels, leisure companies, cultural establishments, tuna retailers, etc., through the initiative “Andalusia, Landscapes with Flavour”, have created this “Almadraba Tuna Route”, open all year round.

In May and June, these towns hold authentic gastronomic festivals based on this product, coinciding with the “levantás” (catch) in the trap nets. The delicacy is served throughout the year in these towns, and this route is designed to let you discover not only its exquisite taste but also all the history and culture that surrounds Almadraba Tuna.

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Route Almadraba Tuna - 1
A Conil de la Frontera
B Barbate
C Tarifa
Route Almadraba Tuna - 2
A Venta Melchor
B Resto Bar La Almazara
C Blanco y Verde
D Casa Manolo
E Francisco La Fontanilla
F El Roqueo - Mirador del Roqueo
G Txikote
Route Almadraba Tuna - 3
A Hostal El Levante
B Hostal Las Margaritas
C Hotel La Torre
D South Hostel Tarifa
E Apartamentos El Rancho
F Hotel El Varadero
G Apartamentos Caños de Meca
H Apartamentos Playa Barbate
Route Almadraba Tuna - 4
A Hostal Casa Alborada
B Suite Cortijo Fontanilla Apartment
C Apartamentos Conilsol
D Hotel Apartamento Loto
E Apartamentos Piedramar
F Apartamentos El Roqueo
Route Almadraba Tuna - 5
A Hotel Fuerte Conil-Resort
B Hipotels Gran Conil & Spa
C Hotel Almadraba Conil
D Hotel Andalussia
E Hotel Pradillo Conil
F Hotel Conilsol
G Hotel Restaurante Blanco y Verde
Route Almadraba Tuna - 6
A El Rancho
B La Pescadería
C Morilla
D El Vambú - El Varadero
E Restaurante La Traíña
F El Ancla
G La Torre
Route Almadraba Tuna - 7
A Tarifa
B Zahara de los Atunes
C Barbate
D Conil de la Frontera
Route Almadraba Tuna - 8
A Salazones Herpac
B Gadira Productos de Almadraba
C Obrador de Pastelería Tres Martínez
D Conservera de Tarifa
E Aventura Marina
F Compuertas Parque Natural
G La Breña y Marismas del Barbate
H Waterman School
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