San Nicolás de Bari Parish Church

San Nicolás de Bari Parish Church
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 San Nicolás de Bari Parish Church is located in the historic centre of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cadiz, at the entrance to the historic Barrio de los Gallegos or de los Marineros, today "El Barrio".

It was built on the old shrine of San Nicolás de Bari, which covered the most basic needs of the aforementioned Barrio de los Gallegos, inhabited mainly by seafarers. It played an important part in the relationship between Sanlúcar and the Americas, and houses several Latin American artworks. The Church of San Nicolás was built in 1754 by the fishermen's brotherhood established there, and the work was completed with the help of West Indies dockers Diego de Arizón, Manuel Rodríguez Pérez and Felipe de Villar y Mier.

First we see the atrium, guarded by a brick wall and railings, decorated with blue ceramic semi-spheres. On either side of the atrium we find four tile altarpieces dedicated to the following: Our Lady of El Rocío, whose brotherhood had its headquarters in the church for many years; the Esperanza Brotherhood, which is based in the church; and Our Lady of Charity, patron saint of the city. The double belfry is designed following the Sevillian model of two equal spans with a straight pediment, crowned with another small belfry.

Inside, San Nicolás de Bari Parish Church has a single nave and a barrel vault with transverse arches. The vault of the main altar is decorated with frescoes of angels and floral motifs. The main altarpiece, which is large and dates from the 18th century, has an image of Christ of the Expiration, from the 17th century, and on either side we can see images of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, also from the 17th century. Above the image of Christ we can see the image of Saint Nicholas, probably from the old shrine before it was turned into a church.

One of the paintings that stands out is the one that depicts the hierarchies of angels. It is an artwork that represents the cultural exchange carried out with the Americas.

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San Nicolás de Bari Parish Church
Calle Santo Domingo, 132, 11540
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