Torre de la Plata

Torre de la Plata
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In Seville, the Torre de la Plata has an octagonal shape, and was built in the 13th century by the Almohads. It is located in Calle Santander and formed part of the city walls, along with the well-known Torre del Oro. When Ferdinand III conquered the city it was renamed Torre de la Victoria - Victory Tower, although it was still popularly known by the name Torre de la Plata.

In 1868 it was completely separated from the Torre del Oro and from then on it went into progressive decline and abandonment. Surrounded by buildings that meant it could not be seen from the street, the Corral de las Herrerías grew around it, thought of as an ideal space to build a series of houses to house a population with few resources and whose professional activity was linked to the nearest industries, mainly coal and iron. It was a refuge for the poor until 1992, when it was partially restored for the Universal Expo, with the Torre del Oro Garage being demolished and replaced by an outdoor car park, which at least allows you to see the historic tower close-up. There is a plan to turn this car park into public gardens.

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Torre de la Plata
Calle Santander, 15, 41001

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