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Strolls with your dogs in Almería

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We suggest a monographic visit to Almería province, with the trails of the incredible Cabo de Gata as a pretext. To enjoy with your pet a natural landscape where land and sea come together.

Travelling to Almería with your dog implies, necessarily, taking advantage of discovering the great natural treasures of this province, where Cabo de Gata-Níjar Nature Reserve shines with imaginary neon lights. It was one of the best public decisions we can recall, when in 1987 the singularity of the landscape was protected, an area without comparison in our continent. Currently, it get such a good write-up that its fans grow to no end. It is impossible to be surprised at the success of this beautiful corner of Andalusia, whose images are etched in the retina of all of its visitors.

But before you embark on your walk, you'll have to secure a ceiling under which it will be necessary to rest and stretch your legs, right? Let's see what's available as to pet-friendly hotels in Almeria. We have good news! There are accommodations as diverse as those in campsite Cabo de Gata (with modern facilities), hotels like the Citymar Embajador (two stars) and the Gran Fama (four stars) which welcomes pets, although, the hotels charge a supplement of between 10-20 euros per pet per night. Gran Fama accepts animals up to 20 kilos.

Loma Pelada Hiking Trail (Níjar)

Starts south of Los Escullos - village of Níjar, which is reached along the AL-4200 road- and continues until arriving at Cala Tomate and Cala Higuera. We are in the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Nature Reserve that, as is known, links into a shared protected are both land and marine ecosystems. In two and a half hours you can explore this trail, linear, that runs along the slopes of volcanic domes, and sprinkled with small coves, with or without beach. The current regulations set forth that, for safety and comfort of hikers, dogs must be on a leash.

El Pocico-Las Marinas Hiking Trail

It is a plain parallel to the coast, which can be walked in merely two hours and presents little difficulty. Leaving capital, and crossing the N-344 eastward -until Retamar - and heading toward García Tower, where the trail begins- you can discover its ravines, dunes and even foxes (if you are lucky!). Landscape of lagoons with many birds, it is also an enclave of interest for its historic past, particularly its old watchtower, now refurbished.

A piece of advice, or two, or three: stay with your friend on the paths and forget about collecting minerals and rocks. If you go during spring or winter season, better. This way you'll avoid the summer heat!

Río Alías Hiking Trail (Carboneras)

It is necessary to travel from Carboneras, take the N-341 towards the west and exit at El Argamasón. In addition to running along the only river, almost, that has running water in Cabo de Gata, it is interesting for its unusual plant and animal life that populates this region. The landscape, eroded by time, exhibits some strange shapes. The hike lasts two hours and entails no difficulty. Your friend will have a great time, and you, too, of course. Spending the holiday with your dog in this area will be unforgettable.

Pozo de los Frailes Hiking Trail (Níjar)

The starting point is Los Escullos. We speak of a very interesting path in geological terms, which can also be completed in less than two hours and without great physical demand. Whoever wants to practise hiking with dogs, it is a good option.

Pozo de los Frailes, by the way, is a tiny village located strategically between thyme plants. Its flora and fauna will give you one or another surprise. However, one must constantly attend to the call of the landscape, observing… And enjoying.

Strolls with your dogs in Almería
Almería, Carboneras, Los Escullos, Níjar, Pozo de los Frailes, Retamar (Almería)