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The Sierra Nevada, do you need ideas for a perfect weekend?

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Snow, sun, ideas, advice and lots of experiences at the Sierra Nevada, both for skiers and non-skiers which will amaze you 100%! Do you want to discover fun activities at the mountain range?

If the Alhambra and walks through the Albaicín neighbourhood and the beautiful San Nicolás viewpoint have already made you fall in love with Granada just 30 kilometres from the city, you will find one of the jewels of the crown of Andalusia, the Sierra Nevada mountain range; a paradise of white landscapes with over 100 kilometres of ski slopes, 70% sunny days and a wide range of experiences of all kinds, both for skiers and non-skiers, which bring together the perfect ingredients to have a great time at one of the most spectacular national parks of Andalusia that we present to you below in the form of unique experiences that we are entirely you will not be able to resist.

An image is worth more than 1000 words so if we have not yet convinced you... wouldn't you like to enjoy a moment such as this?

Surely you would like to know what experience is behind this image, right? Well wait, because there is more...

Wow! Surprised? Perhaps you thought that people only skied here, right? Then pay attention because... You can also fly at the Sierra Nevada!

Very surprised? We already have your attention, right? Now you are prepared. Look over our article and find out how to have an unforgettable trip to the Sierra Nevada through absolutely unique experiences in an extraordinary setting we want to show you.

Do you ski? Then pay attention because the one who skis, repeats.

The ski slopes of the Sierra Nevada are defined for having one of the best climates in Europe. The altitude of the resort, between 2000 metres from Pradollano and the 3393 metres of the Veleta peak are the ideal conditions for high-quality snow which, with the artificial production machines, the ski season is extended to 6 months!

116 slopes - no more and no less - of which 7 are black slopes, 52 are red, 42 blue and 17 are for downhill skiing.

You can also cross-country ski and take part in our popular night skiing where taking great pleasure in skiing under the stars with lit-up slopes until 22:00 is a great pleasure which is even more appealing for ski lovers, right?

Skiing is not for you? Look at all that the Sierra Nevada has to offer!

If you are not a skier, you have surely thought why go to a ski resort if you do not ski. It is never too late to start skiing. At the Sierra Nevada, there are many schools which offer courses but if you do not want to take them, do not worry because the Sierra Nevada has a lot of very fun activities for non-skiers, adults and small children, which you will surely decide to do.

For this, we go to the Mirlo Blanco Park with snow slides each 130 metres long - comprising a succession of curves which you will cover on an inflatable boat that will make you feel like you are whizzing down the snow.

Do you like sledges? This is 100% your place. At Mirlo Blanco Park, you may try the bicislalom, which is a bike with a skate and some broad wheels which allows you to make turns.

Chair skis, archery with a bow and the bike ski, one of the favourite sledges which can be used at Mirlo Blanco which has 2 skis instead of wheels. Lastly, the star offer of the non-skier area... "the Russian sledge”.

Imagine an enormous rollercoaster in the middle of the Sierra Nevada, with two-seat cars and varied speed based on the brake which is or is not installed and that will make you fly at speeds up to 40 km/h over the snow!

But the offer of leisure for non-skiers does not end at Mirlo Blanco. The woods surrounding the Sierra Nevada resort are ideal for a beautiful route for snowshoeing which will let you discover places like this.

To explore rucksack to shoulder snow-covered woods that will leave you feeling amazed.

From the woods, we come to the other end of the mountain range and its mountains where we can do one of the most beautiful activities of the mountain range just as the sun goes down.

How would you like to go up to the astronomical observatory in snowcats at dusk to see the sunset?

If we accompany it with a toast at dusk?

The sunsets over the Sierra Nevada mountain range are amazing and this experience will enable you to experience one of them from such extraordinary points of Andalusia such as the top of the resort's weather vane or astronomical observatory.

Sunsets which lead to the Sierra Nevada night, where the things to do are from finished as our slopes are more than decade-long pioneers in night skiing!

The stars, where hand in hand with the Astroturista you will be able to discover the wonderful starry skies of the Sierra Nevada through a stargazing workshop.

A paradise of dreams for freestyle snowboarders and skiers

But of course we cannot leave the famous Sulayr Park, a paradise for snowboard lovers which attracts riders from around the world thanks to the longest line for jumps and modules in Europe behind. Here, you may link between 45 and 50 elements with jumps, pipes, rails and boxes of all kinds in a single run without having to get on and off of a lift.

Slopestyle snowboard- cross, jumps and modules for novices and experts plus more than 165 metres of half pipes put the Sulayr Superpark among the elite of snowboarding and freestyle all accompanied with background music, free Wi-Fi and the already mentioned spectacular climate.

Are you a novice and still do not go for jumps? Then pay attention to what we offer you.

What you see is called a "progression park” where you may start jumping up to 6 metres above an enormous inflatable mattress.

With the head and always with a helmet, do not forget making this jump will let you try impossible jumps and spins time and time again and to feel the adrenaline of the snow without being afraid of falling.

As said, get hooked and a lot. Cool, really?

The finest cuisine of the Alpujarra

However, everything is not all sun, snow and fun at the Sierra Nevada. It is also cuisine and for this, we present you with some of the star dishes of the resort from one of the most famous restaurants of the Sierra Nevada, Los Cazadores where one of its star dishes is its rice whether with meat, seafood or mixed.

The San Antón stew, a star dish for the winter months at the resort is an authentic time bomb made from fava beans, everything left over from slaughtering the pig (snout, ears, legs, bacon, backbone, ribs, tail, black pudding, etc.), chickpeas, potatoes, green beans, peppers, ham, etc., in short, imagine what a dish!

But of course we must not forget the famous Alpujarra dish. A classic at the resort consisting of fried egg, black pudding, pepper and sausage.

Do you need a little relaxation?

At this point in the article, we hope to have surprised you and encouraged you to travel to the Sierra Nevada mountain range, but... are you missing something? With a similar variety of activities, one can want a break at the end of the day, right? It is even better from between bubbles, don't you think?

What is more relaxing than looking at the mountain range while a waterfall runs down your back? After trying it, I dare say that it is one of the most spectacular SPAs in Andalusia.

It is in the Meliá Sierra Nevada, the first cousin of the Meliá Sol y Nieve, where a break with views of the mountain range are more than guaranteed.

Focus on the marvel of waking up with similar views. You would like it, right?

Landscapes that will enchant you

It is worth it to go to the Sierra Nevada mountain range just for the landscapes you will find. It is not just one more mountain range. It is a mountain range with landscapes, from , white landscapes with amazing sunsets that will make you disconnect from a world that you will leave below.

This must be your motto up in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Leave problems and stress 2000 metres below. This mountain is another story.


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