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Visiting the two Zaharas of Cadiz: Zahara de la Sierra and Zahara de los Atunes

Recorriendo las dos Zaharas de Cádiz Zahara de la Sierra y de los Atunes (101)

Come with us and experience the sunsets, gastronomy and the most beautiful parts of the two Zaharas in the province of Cadiz. From the whitewashed viewpoints of Zahara de la Sierra and its beautiful reservoir, to the crystal-clear, turquoise waters of Zahara de los Atunes.

The next trip we want to show you is a journey of contrasts. A trip to 2 towns in the province of Cadiz - one inland, as is the case of Zahara de la Sierra and another on the coast, Zahara de los Atunes.

Two towns with the same name but a different surname. One is mountain style - full of whitewashed streets, in the heart of the Sierra de Grazalema Nature Park…

And the other - with clean, white sand, right on the Cadiz coast, and exalted as one of the most wonderful beaches on the Andalusian seaboard…

Zahara de la Sierra - a viewpoint village

Charge your camera batteries before leaving and make sure you have enough space on your memory cards because you'll need it. Listen closely!

If Zahara de la Sierra stands out for anything in particular, it's because we could call it "the viewpoint village”. Its location - in El Monte de Jaral, at an altitude of over 500 metres - is the reason why, just strolling around town, you will come across beautiful balconies with marvellous views of the Sierra de Cadiz and the wonderful reservoir that appears to be dyed turquoise on clear days.

The views from its many viewpoints are a real delight.

Narrow, whitewashed streets with an improvised layout… Strolling through these villages is a real surprise because you never know what you will find behind any corner.

Zahara de la Sierra is part of the famous Route of the Almoravids and Almohads, and all of its streets - just like in the rest of the white villages - will remind you of the history of its past.

A rich past which makes it unsurprising that, in 1983, it was declared a Historic-Artistic Site.

You only have to stroll around the network of its streets, or see its traditional houses and monuments to understand the reason for this.

Particularly worthy of note are the ruins of the castle and the keep, which have survived since Medieval times and which are, undoubtedly, one of the most spectacular viewpoints in the whole province of Cadiz. Find out for yourself.

Tastes with views of the Sierra de Cadiz

As in most towns in the Sierra de Cadiz, Zahara cuisine is mainly characterised by its soups, the main ingredients for which come from wild produce and the wonderful vegetable gardens of the area.

To discover the gastronomy of Zahara de la Sierra we went to the popular Los Tadeos restaurant, a little family restaurant, where one of the specialities is also one of the most typical dishes of the province of Cadiz

A good example of Zahara cuisine are "quemones", with a base of oil, garlic, onion and a poached egg that ”leave you senseless”.

Other examples of typical dishes from the area are those known as boiled soups, such as tomato soup. A thick soup made with bread, pepper and onion from the vegetable gardens of the area. Unique and delicious. And that's for certain.

Of course, there has to be a good Andalusian gazpacho, and the one from this restaurant in particular is recommended in many guidebooks as one of the best gazpachos in Andalusia

We mustn't forget dishes such as chorizo in wine…- an irresistible delight

Or the wonderful payoyo cheese of the Sierra de Grazalema - considered one of the best cheeses in the world.

And, of course, I have to tell you about the local meat - game meat that, due to the many hunts that take place in the area, is highly abundant and the grilled loin of venison is especially worthy of note…

As well as baked leg of boar - tender, tasty, marvellous. You’ll love it.

And as for dessert, both the crème caramel and the cheesecake are outstanding, and also the quince paste made in the area. In fact, for some time, the town was called "Zahara of the quince”.

Just a few minutes from "relax infinity”…

There are many types of travellers, many ways to travel and many stages of life where we sometimes feel like one thing when travelling and at other times another, but we think that the next experience we want to show you doesn't have anything to do with age, or type of traveller or taste. Have a look…

You will find it at the Tadeo restaurant, which is also a hotel and which offers splendid views of the whole Grazalema Nature Park while you enjoy a swim - a true delight that you will never forget.

A beach right in the Sierra de Cadiz?

We all hear of the beaches of Cadiz and we automatically situate them on the coast, but what would you think of taking a swim at a beach right in the Sierra de Cadiz? Wouldn't that be amazing?

Known as "La Playita” (the little beach), it is an artificial beach in the Arroyomolinos recreational area and it is a bathing area created in the Guadalete River.

The Arroyomolinos recreational area, where "La Playita” is located, is an ideal place for spending a day swimming and picnicking in a large nature area, surrounded by vegetable gardens and fruit trees as well as barbecue and play and multi-activity areas. Fun is assured.

Experience dusk at water level…

The location of Zahara gives it stunning landscapes, which are suitable for sporting activities at any time of year. Hiking routes of extraordinary beauty, such as the Las Cumbres pass in the Spanish fir forest or Garganta Verde itself, where you can do well-known canyoning, amongst other activities, at one of the most spectacular locations for it in Andalusia. But in this case, we didn't want to go far to show you a spectacular experience kayaking in the Zahara reservoir, which we did with the Zaharacatur company.

The experience starts 1 hour before sunset. All you need is a swimsuit, clothes that you don't mind getting wet and to really, really want to have some fun.

The perspective at water level, both of the surroundings…

and of the view of the town from the Zahara reservoir itself, which is priceless.

To the rhythm of your paddles, the sun will set little by little…

The water will gradually turn gold with beautiful reflections of sunlight

You only have to look at the pictures to imagine what this experience must be like! It sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

And, after sunset, magic will reign over the water with you right in it

With only the sound of the wind and the tinkling of your kayak crossing the water in the Zahara reservoir, you will experience sights like this, which are sure to leave you speechless.

From the Sierra to the sea…

Just less than 2 hours from there, we find the other Zahara - Zahara de los atunes. This area of Cadiz is famed as one of the best beaches in Andalusia.

There are lots of celebrities every year who pick Zahara for basking on its wonderful beach.

Zahara is undoubtedly one of jewels in the crown of the wonderful beaches of Cadiz.

Its white sands, its crystal-clear water…

The turquoise colour of its water along with the white foam of its waves…

Kilometres of heavenly sand that invite you to stroll non-stop, time and time again…

And what about its gastronomy! Imagine what a good fried fish may taste like accompanied by views of the sea…

Or some almadraba tuna, typical in the area and which couldn't be fresher…, or a good seafood rice with king prawns, clams and mussels?

All of this, as we said above, with the best taste of sea, which you will experience in your lungs and through the views… - what a delight!

Like the end of a film that you too can experience

From food, we go directly to dusk - the best time in Zahara de los Atunes: where you earlier enjoyed the crystal-clear water at the beach, now you will enjoy an incredible show.

A play of light and wonderful colours will flood the sea and seashore.

A play of light that we can play with - why not?

Imagine a walk along a shore like this with a gentle breeze and not a worry in the world… - it sounds nice, doesn't it?

Let the sun do its own thing to the sound of the waves and sit on the sand to enjoy an incredible show that, every day at sunset, makes everyone there fall completely in love.

Do you need any more reasons to visit them?

Idyllic beaches, finger-licking good gastronomy, wonderful viewpoints, sunsets straight out of a film, whitewashed alleyways, the best relaxation… can you ask for more from a destination?

You decide which you prefer: mountains? sea? or perhaps a combination?

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Visiting the two Zaharas of Cadiz: Zahara de la Sierra and Zahara de los Atunes
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