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10 plans you can enjoy in Seville as a family

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Seville has a special colour and scent… romantic and welcoming, traditional and modern, authentic and cosmopolitan…There are many different versions of Seville to be explored and to discover them all there is no better way to do so than through the eyes of a child.

If you are thinking of visiting Seville as a family, you can discover one of these "Sevilles", the one for kids, with our 10 plans to ensure you have a great time with your children. We hope you like them! Shall we begin?

The city of Seville is particularly well prepared to be visited by families. Theme parks, zoos, museums… There are numerous interesting options available. Here are a few:

Isla Mágica and its water park

The first option is none other than the main theme park in Seville, Isla Mágica.

Located on the Isla de la Cartuja, the main entrance is just a five-minute walk from the historic centre. The park is organised by themed areas and its main feature is water, meaning it is a great way to refresh yourself on the city's hotter days. 

Moreover, it has an area reserved for children and Agua Mágica, a water park with slides, a wave pool and a river. It's the perfect idea for a wonderful day!

Sailing in the Plaza de España

The Plaza de España is one of the most symbolic places in Seville

The best way to explore this square is on one of the rowing or motor boats available for hire at the end of its semicircular canal.

These boats can be rented for 15 or 35 minutes and can seat between 4 and 11 people, so you will be sure to find one that suits your needs.

Enjoy a family tour 

Discover how products arrived in Europe from America, learn about the secrets of the stained glass windows of the cathedral, find treasure hidden in a labyrinth, climb the la Giralda or enjoy a traditional boat ride. These are some of the options available with Seville Official Tours.

Hire a guide just for you. They will help you discover the mysteries and hidden secrets of the city. 

The zoo and botanical park

Mundo Park is just a few kilometres from the city of Seville, in Guillena, and it is home to lions, tigers, crocodiles, kangaroos, buffalo and a further 100 species.

In addition to being one of the most important parks in Spain, you will love seeing the service received by the animals and the very friendly atmosphere. 

Walk among sharks and sleep in an aquarium

Seville Aquarium has become a must-see spot for people visiting the city with children.

Its shark pools are among the largest in Europe and these are joined by another 35 tanks that house 400 marine species and over 7000 specimens from across the world.

Everything is prepared so you can use your 5 senses during your visit and children can touch starfish and sea urchins.

Another brilliant plan organised by the aquarium is its nights with sharks,

You will be able to sleep in the facility, surrounded by these exciting tenants. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, this is it.

Discover Seville from the Guadalquivir 

Departing from the Aquarium, you can catch a boat at the jetty of the Las Delicias Dock or at any of the departure points situated on the banks of the Guadalquivir.

The Torre del Oro, the Triana district, San Telmo Bridge… The main points of interest in Seville can be viewed from another perspective from the decks of boats that sail the Guadalquivir.

If you would prefer to enjoy a little sport while you discover the city, you can hire kayaks for 1 or 2 people, depending on the age of your children and your preferences. Companies like Kayak Sevilla have anti-roll and unsinkable watercraft that are completely safe.

See the city from a mushroom 

Known as the "Setas de Sevilla" ("Mushrooms of Seville"), Metropol Parasol is a unique building and thelargest wooden structure in the world. You can enjoy stunning views of the city from its viewpoint.

Its playground, mini-markets and welcoming tapas bars make the Metropol Parasol the perfect place for a stop. Highly recommended!

La Casa de la Ciencia

The Casa de la Ciencia (House of Science) in Seville is a space for the sharing of science and educational and cultural leisure options specifically designed for children.

Throughout the year it organises interesting workshops for children, and its planetarium has a varied range of screenings available that aim to make learning about celestial objects fun for children aged 3 and over.

A day at the park

Seville has many green areas where you can have fun as a family. 

The enormous María Luisa Park, a symbolic site par excellence in Seville, is brimming with history. Its light and special atmosphere transport you back in time upon entering. In it you will find the company Cyclotour, which offers various types of vehicles you can use to explore the park as a family.

Next to the Guadalquivir River, the Parque de los Descubrimientos or the "pirate ship” , as the locals often refer to it, can be found. 

It has a great children's play area in its two thousand square metres, dominated by the imposing galleon, which is full of walkways and slides, games of sand, water and excavating cranes! Your children are sure to have a great time here.

In one corner of this park, the "tree of the pacifiers" is hidden. It's a great idea if you want your children to leave their prized treasure in a fun way!

The Alameda de Hércules is the oldest public garden in Spain. In addition to its large games area, this extensive esplanade often hosts themed street markets, (the Christmas market is highly recommended), concerts and activities for children. While your children negotiate the water of its fountains, you can cool off in any of its many bars and terraces.

The Alameda Theatre, which is next to the park, is the leading theatre with regards to child-, youth- and family-friendly theatre. Check out what's on!

Alamillo Park occupies 47 hectares in the northern area of the Isla de la Cartuja and on Sunday mornings, with the exception of summer, you can enjoy a family ride on one of its small trains! It's a good excuse to let your inner child out once more… In addition to its network of mini trains, the park has multi-adventure circuits, a games area, cable skiing… There's something to suit all tastes!

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10 plans you can enjoy in Seville as a family
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