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A 24-hour trip to the heart of Jaén


Find yourself on a route round Jaén's most magical corners.

The origins of Jaén date back to prehistoric times, and between then and now, the city has been a place of passage and a home to different cultures. Follow the traces of the history of Jaén in a day by walking its streets and visiting its monuments.

 Jaén is an important city of monuments. From the cathedral to its walls, you can immerse yourself in culture and its wonderful architectural beauty. 

"They saw, by the last rays of sunlight, the magnificent landscape they had just travelled, illuminated by torches, the gigantic cathedral, which seemed to challenge with its height and size the mountain it has next to it." This is how French playwright, Alexandre Dumas, described the impressive façade of Jaén's cathedral, the Catedral de la Asunción, which stands in Plaza de Santa María inviting you inside...

… Once inside, your eyes won't get over the monumental nature of its architecture and you will be overwhelmed by silence, broken only by the echo of visitors as they stroll through its naves.

You will note the weight of its history with every step you take as, although the cathedral standing today is a Renaissance structure, its origins date back to the Muslim period when a mosque once stood here, but which was converted into a Gothic cathedral following the Reconquista.

Throughout the church's naves, your gaze will stop instinctively before the beauty of the chapels that surround the main walkways, and you'll feel like you have to take a closer look.

You will feel the solemnity of the atmosphere, which invites you to reflect and, if you wish, pray.

From the upper galleries of the cathedral, where you will find the Diocesan Historical Archive, your gaze will fly over the city and you will return home with a beautiful photograph captured from inside...

… Or from outside. From its balconies, the landscape you see is dressed in the white of the city's houses with the green of the extensive olive groves that surround the city.

From so high up, you will be able to see the beautiful streets of the city...

Get ready to explore them but without leaving behind the silence and monumental nature of their setting.

Walking from Plaza de Santa María to Plaza de la Magdalena, you will find Santa María Magdalena Church. Nestled on the former site of a mosque, its wonderful courtyard of ablutions that have been preserved from Muslim times will blow you away.

Throughout Jaén's streets you will find numerous terraces where you can enjoy the spectacular Andalusian climate and especially its delicious gastronomy.

The heart of Jaén is a cultural melting pot brimming with art, history and tradition at every turn. To fully experience this, we recommend you don't leave the city without visiting the Arab Baths Cultural Centre situated in Palacio Villadompardo.

The water from these springs is closely linked to the city and its development. Built in the 16th century, the Arab Baths are housed in the basement of the Palace.

Its vaulted and star-studded ceilings create a very intimate atmosphere…

… ensuring you enjoy a unique, almost magical experience.

Between the basement and the entrance floor, you will find two exhibitions in the Cultural Centre, one of which is dedicated to uses and customs, while the other is a permanent example of naive art.

Its rooms will surprise you with an exhibition that stretches from the floor to the walls...

They will take you on an interesting journey through the history, culture and traditions of Jaén.

The Museum of Art and Popular Customs is home to a large selection of objects related to traditional trades and workshops, childhood, farming and religion.

In it, you will discover its interesting collection of modes of transport and farming tools.

At the end of the evening, the sunlight no longer bathes the centre of Jaén with its rays but this doesn't alter the sense of peace and quiet that emits its silence onto the streets, through which you will reach...

The Castle of Santa Catalina, which has been converted into the Parador Nacional de Jaén, whose image can be seen cutting through the night from anywhere in the city and which invites you to visit it.

From on high at the Parador, you will be able to discern the silhouette of the city traced in the darkness via its streetlights as you finalise an intense yet unforgettable day.

A 24-hour trip to the heart of Jaén
Jaén (Jaén)