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An afternoon of tapas and the best Mercados Gourmet in Andalusia

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Nothing like an afternoon of tapas at some of the best gourmet markets in Andalusia for the most demanding palates.

Anyone who decides to travel to Andalusia automatically turns on their "tapas” chip. The chip for the bar to bar route trying the best "tapas”of the place in question. Nothing like a beer, a little dish of olives, a potato salad and, for example, a tapa of pork cheek and chips, some pork fillet with a Pedro Ximenez sauce or a tapa of squid or fish nuggets. How about that!

But we want to add a little more to the classic tapas that you can enjoy in any gastropub here in Andalusia, and take you to what are known as "Mercados Gourmet” (gourmet markets).

A term —gourmet— that doesn't have to scare us as far as prices go. Not in the least, as most of the stalls in these markets sell their produce at local prices and many below the market price as the producers themselves are selling you the product direct.

From shellfish or a good fried fish

To the best hams with designation of origin and a good Iberian tapa to die for.

The gourmet markets are meeting points for gourmands.The type of client who is looking for a meeting place where he or she can enjoy the best gastronomy while getting information and advice from a professional who is an expert on the subject.

These markets —besides being places where you can do your daily shopping— are places where you can take part in activities, try the food you are going to take home or, simply, as we said at the beginning: wander, browse and have a snack.

Markets such as Lonja del Barranco in Seville, Mercado de la Merced in Malaga, San Agustín in Granada or Mercado Victoria in Cordoba, are now part of the best gastronomic showcase in Andalusia where you can lose yourself amongst the best meats, shellfish, rice dishes and desserts: it's compulsory for any visitor who even slightly cares for their taste buds.

Don't think twice: go for a stroll, take a look, have a few tapas, take something home and you can be sure that… you'll be back!


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An afternoon of tapas and the best Mercados Gourmet in Andalusia
Córdoba, Granada, Málaga, Sevilla (Córdoba, Granada, Málaga, Sevilla)