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Ballooning in the Granada Geopark

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Have you ever dreamt of seeing the world through an eagle's eye? What about looking at a landscape that stopped millions of years ago and reading it as if it were a fold-out map? They seem like two impossible experiences, but they are not. You will be able to discover this it if you decide to visit Granada Geopark and do it in an unconventional way: in a hot-air balloon.

If you're not scared of heights and want to enjoy an activity with friends or family that is suitable for all ages, from little ones to grandparents, don't think twice and choose one of the ecotourism companies that work in the area. They also usually offer packages with accommodation and lunch or breakfast.

But before our heads are in the clouds literally, allow us to explain what a Geopark is and what makes the one in Granada so special. This is an award given by UNESCO to areas that have a very remarkable geological heritage and are committed to its preservation and dissemination. In Granada, this place was recognised internationally in July 2020 and, although it was a place unknown to many, its silhouette is so amazing that you will think you are on another planet.

Canyons up to 250 metres high alternate with caves, strangely shaped rocks, troglodyte habitats and deep valleys. In this place, millions of years ago, the water of rivers shaped the landscape, now arid, which is one of the best continental geological records of the last 5 million years. It's amazing, isn't it? Well, it's nothing compared to what you'll feel when you see it from above. And the best way to do this is from a hot-ait balloon! You'll experience the deafening silence that exists up there, only interrupted by the noise of the burner that lifts you up from the ground. As you rise, it will seem like you are travelling to another world. 

At more than 900 metres, you'll be able to enjoy the lunar landscape of Granada Geopark, which is 4,722 km2 and includes 47 municipalities belonging to the regions of Guadix, Baza, Huéscar and the mountains of Granada. From the balloon you'll be able to enjoy amazing contrasts, such as the red hues of the Gorafe Desert and the white peaks of Sierra Nevada, and understand how, over millions of years, erosion has shaped these ancient river valleys. The views will be etched on your memory forever!

To take part in this activity you will have to leave at dawn and only if the weather conditions are suitable. Getting on the balloon is a ritual which you will enjoy right from the start and for several hours. The fabric of the balloon gradually coming to life as it fills with air, the slow take-off, rising high and looking at the world from a bird's eye view, the feeling of going wherever the wind takes you, the peace and quiet, admiring from above the canvas painted over millions of years... It's out of this world!

You'll be reluctant to come down. But remember that there are many amazing things to be discovered on land, too – like the food! When you land, the basket will rock slightly and you'll be able to enjoy more earthly pleasures again, such as tasting a stew or any other typical dish. The Geopark is vast and tasty, like its culinary tradition. 

Ballooning in the Granada Geopark