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Grazalema, where it rains the most in Spain

Zahara de la Sierra desde Embalse de Zahara

Did you know that the rainiest area in the country is in Andalusia? Explore the humid Sierra de Grazalema and enjoy the white villages travelling through the greenest Andalusia.

The White and Green Villages Route.

Despite their location in the wettest part of the Iberian Peninsula (2,000 l/m2 annually), the towns that inhabit the Sierra have white-washed walls. Formerly, they were painted with lime to repel the force of the sun. Yes, in the Sierra de Grazalema it rains a lot, but the sun also shines. And when the sun peeks out, the show is unforgettable.

Visiting the villages in Sierra de Grazalema is like discovering another Andalusia. The surrounding countryside is unique. One of the stars: Zahara de la Sierra. The village has a spectacular location. It was built on the base of a hill, next to a gorge overlooked by the imposing Zahara Castle of Arabic origin. The castle is preserved and one can go up to the tower of homage. Here you will have incredible views of the mountains and some nearby villages, like Olvera and Algodonales.

These two neighbouring towns also enjoy wonderful views. Furthermore, they are located in the driest area of the mountains: the northern countryside of Cadiz. Here occurs the Foehm effect, a meteorological phenomenon which impacts the frequency of rainfall. In this area, rainfall is one fourth of the usual rain in these mountains.

The visit to Zahara continues, the town is worth a leisurely stroll. Especially along Calle San Juan, the shopping area, which includes several tapas restaurants and some souvenir shops.

It's impossible to not see the possibilities offered by the Zahara Reservoir - El Gastor. The area invites one to paddle in a kayak, advisable for exercising the muscles some and to immerse yourself in nature. For those for whom the reservoir is too large, the recreational area of Arroyomolinos, or La Playita, is an inland bathing area where the river course has been transformed into a lake suitable for swimming, with lifeguards, restaurants, bars and abundant shade.

Grazalema: a different Andalusia.

Another gem of the mountains is the town that shares its name: Grazalema. The structure of the town is typical of a Moorish town: built-in houses, narrow streets, gable roofs and flowers on the balconies. But its surroundings, of vast green mountains, make it special. To not overlook anything, you should stroll leisurely along its streets, while peering your head over the Asomadores Viewpoint or El Tajo Viewpoint. As you can expect, the area is full of hiking trails. Without looking further, right on the road to the village is a turn-off that leads to the ruins of the Calvario Hermitage through an old, paved path.

From here, we also recommend a visit to Ubrique, a place where "gañotes" are typical. Furthermore, near Ubrique is the Hurones Reservoir, where kayaking can be practised, with the chance of seeing deer along its shores.

A rural getaway: accompanied or alone.

With whom are you travelling? Whether with the family, your couple or alone, the Sierra is a wonderful place for getting lost at. There is a place where relaxing is particularly easy. Four kilometres from Grazalema is Tambor del Llano, an estate in the heart of the nature reserve, surrounded by cork oaks. It seems like there isn't, but there's activity in the area.

Tambor del Llano, part of an organic farm, is also a guesthouse. And its surroundings are ideal for everyone: horseback and hiking routes with Roman ruins included.

Grazalema, where it rains the most in Spain
Algodonales, Gastor, El, Grazalema, Olvera, Ubrique, Zahara de los Atunes (Cádiz)