How to make telephone calls “to and from” Andalusia/Spain

  • If you want to call Andalusia/Spain from overseas, you should dial your country exit code, + 34 (the code for Spain), followed by the nine-digit telephone number.
  • If you want to call another country from Andalusia/Spain, dial 00 followed by the country code and the telephone number. You can make calls from phone boxes. These work with coins or cards available from post offices, kiosks and "estancos" (licensed outlets for tobacco/stamps).
  • If you wish to make calls from Andalusia to the rest of Spain you should dial the number with no prefix. This number should comprise 9 digits, regardless of whether it is a landline or mobile.

If you wish to use your mobile phone in Andalusia/Spain, you should be aware that Spain uses GSM 900/1800 technology (not compatible with that of some countries such as the USA and Japan). If you have a compatible handset, you should contact your mobile operator to make sure you can use your phone in Andalusia/Spain (some operators will have to activate the international roaming service). Once you have taken these steps at home, you will be able to use your mobile in Andalusia/Spain as if it were a Spanish handset. i.e. you should dial 00 + the country code to make international calls.


There are a host of "locutorios" (shops to make cheap phone calls) and cyber cafés (with Internet connection at varying prices) to be found throughout Andalusia, and many tourist establishments also offer clients telephone and Internet services. There are also WIFI areas at airports and major railway stations.