What to take

It is vital to take a map of the area you are going to visit, as well as a road map if you are travelling in your own vehicle. There are many up to date tourist maps published by the Regional Government of Andalusia. They are available from tourist offices in Spain and abroad, as well as via the official tourism website.

As far as clothing goes, from April/May through to September/October, it is advisable to take light, comfortable summer clothes, along with something warmer for the night or for outings in the countryside. Don’t forget your swimming costume, sun hat or cap, sunglasses and sun cream if you will be enjoying the pool or the beach. Remember that it is advisable to avoid direct exposure and physical activity in the midday sun, June-September, and don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids. In winter you will need warm clothes, and these will depend on which part of Andalusia you will be visiting. Remember that temperatures are milder on the coast, while inland and in the mountains they can fall below zero. Footwear should be strong and comfortable, also depending on the area to visit, the time of year and the activities you will be doing.

Otherwise, anything you need urgently can be obtained in Andalusia.