Tapas, a real institution in Andalusia. They are small appetisers which where originally served to cover ("tapar" – hence the name) glasses, thus avoiding dust getting into the drink. They are served in bars, cafés and restaurants, and are sometimes included in the price of the drink. "Raciones" are plates of one thing, larger than tapas.

Andalusia has two regional television channels, Canal Sur and Canal Sur 2, and three radio stations, Canal Sur Radio, Canal Fiesta Radio and Radio Andalucía Información, offering all the latest regional news and information.

The major national newspapers print a daily Andalusia section, although there are also local papers such as El Ideal in Granada, Diario Sur in Malaga and El Diario in Cordoba. They are available at newspaper kiosks; sometimes kiosks in major cities and certain tourist towns also sell international newspapers.

National newspapers

When paying for bars, cafés, restaurants, hotels and taxis, it is common to leave a tip, in addition to the bill, or to round the total up, as long as you are satisfied with the service.

Although Catholic churches predominate in Spain, in large cities there are also places of worship from other religions, such as mosques, protestant churches, evangelical churches, Buddhist centres, Jehovah’s witnesses’ chapels, etc. For more information on this subject you should contact your religious community, either at home or at your destination.

Although drinking bottled water is common in some coastal areas, the supply of safe drinking water from the tap is guaranteed throughout Andalusia.