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A few days discovering the best of the Sierra de Cazorla

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Are you a nature-lover? Do you like jumping into water, trails full of vegetation, wild fauna or mountain getaways? You are more into rivers than beaches? Then the following report will be right up your street.

In this next report we are going to the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura y Villas, the largest protected nature area in Spain where true nature lovers will enjoy walking in the outdoors along paths and tracks in incredible landscapes that make this destination a must-see.

Let's take a road trip and explore some of the most beautiful places and routes of the Sierra de Cazorla and discover some of the places that you just have to visit in Cazorla as well as hiking, biking and horseback routes where there are plenty of waterfalls, rivers and canyons surrounded by leafy forests. Are you coming?

No more and no less than 200 thousand hectares comprise the Cazorla Nature Reserve, declared a World Biosphere Reserve in the '80s due to its immense bio-diversity and natural heritage. The pictures speak for themselves.

It's no wonder that Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente chose the Sierra de Cazorla as his favourite destination for watching wildlife. It's very rare to visit the mountains and not see a deer cross the road or all sorts of birds of prey flying over your head as you walk down a path or take a rest at a viewpoint.

But the Cazorla Nature Reserve is not just limited to the town of Cazorla.

Small districts such as Coto Ríos, Arroyo Frío and towns like La Iruela, comprise a huge cultural offering where you can enjoy surroundings full of entertaining outdoor activities.

Activities such as Mountain bike routes, where the Sierra de Cazorla is an idyllic setting for lovers of 2 wheels.

Footpaths packed with rivers... ascents and descents...

In an area packed with vegetation, where the speed of the bike is the perfect complement to enjoy the landscape.

A landscape that's perfect for bike lovers, but which can turn into a magical experience galloping on horseback.

Imagine travelling these trails on horseback, crossing rivers, beautiful trails and banks like this one…

But if you're not into bikes or horses… there are plenty of places to go hiking in Cazorla and a stunning example is the spectacular Río Borosa route.

The routes in the Sierra de Cazorla are endless. Both mountain routes and valley routes that run alongside beautiful rivers, or trails that criss-cross through woods filled with pines, yew, ash and many other species of trees.

Finally, the waterfalls. The wonderful waterfalls.

Stunning waterfalls fall alongside the track like havens filled with peace and tranquillity…

Or places like this, the Cerrada de Elías, with gorges and canyons that will surprise visitors.

And maybe after all these paths and activities you might fancy some relaxation, are we right? Well don't worry, because something that Sierra de Cazorla isn't lacking are places with bubbles and relaxing treatments at beautiful SPAs where you can recharge your batteries in surroundings like this.

There are many establishments that have these places where, for a moderate price, you can finish off your visit to the Sierra. But what better way to recharge your batteries than trying the local Cazorla gastronomy.

Typical dishes such as Rinran, made with potatoes, roast peppers, cod flakes and oil; the talarines, a delicious cod stew and flour cakes, delicious trout with ham from the local rivers...

The shepherd garlic potatoes, with sliced potatoes, onion, courgette and garlic sauce; a good piece of mountain meat, such as deer or boar…

Or scrambled egg with spinach with a touch of chorizo, chilli and local spices are some typical dishes from Cazorla that are not to be missed on your table.

Gastronomy, hiking, biking, horse riding, relaxing, waterfalls, beautiful landscapes… there's just one ingredient missing from this Sierra de Cazorla recipe, and that's.... Exactly! "Adrenaline”. And for that what better than putting ourselves in the hands of our friends at Aventura Cazorla to take us on incredible experiences like flying down zip wires over the best landscapes in Cazorla.

Or the star activity, canyoning in the Borosa River where you can feel the wonderful sensation of the force of a waterfall cascading over you as you descend in surroundings like the Sierra de Cazorla. Great.

An experience for children and adults where you will be in direct contact with nature in the area.

Crossing small waterfalls

And enjoying moments of emotion where nature and man come together as one...

Adventure and excitement, flavours and experiences, landscapes and unique moments to save in your memory. Unique settings and beauty. A nice reason and and a great excuse to with travel friends or family to one of the most beautiful parts of Andalusia.


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