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Almeria: a unique destination you can discover as a family

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A land of deserts and contrasts, the setting for films and series of worldwide success, unspoilt countryside and endless beaches… 200 km of coastline are waiting to be shared during perfect moments as a family!

Let's explore the coast

Cabo de Gata Natural Park is simply spectacular. Its arid, volcanic landscape with steep cliffs and marine caves contrasts with the intense blue of the sea and its sea depths that are perfect for snorkelling and diving

Many of its beaches and coves are wild and rather difficult to access so travelling with young ones can become an adventure. 

If you want to enjoy a day at the beach as a family in the midst of this spectacular setting, los Genoveses is a particularly good beach.

Following the coast to the west, you will find Monsúlwhich is another excellent option for fun with children.

The beaches named Playazo, Isleta del Moro and Cala de San Pedro are equally as quiet, although access to the last one is a little moredifficult if you are going with small children. If you prefer beachesthat are well equipped and safe, you can continue along the coast to Roquetas de Mar where you will even find a children's games area on the sand!

A refreshing way to discoverCabo de Gata and its best kept secrets is to take on a kayaking tour. You can go on guided tours with any of the numerous companies operating in the area. Clear Kayak will surprise you with innovative options, like their completely transparent kayaks that enable you to view the seabed as you travel.

Another way to discover the Natural Park with your family is a guided tour by sailboat or motor boat, such as those offered by the company El Cabo a Fondo. These will take you to hidden corners, let you see fish fly over your heads and enable you to watch cormorants diving for their lunch!

A journey to the bottom of the sea

In Roquetas de Mar you will be able to discover the seabed without setting foot in the water.

In Roquetas Aquarium everything is designed so that visitors feel as though they are immersed in the depths of the sea. With over 700,000 litres of saltwater and panoramic half-tunnels, you will feel as though you are swimming with sharks!

and you will be able to touch the rest of its inhabitants, which come from the five continents.

In the tanks in the "touching” area you will find stingrays, catsharks, starfish and sea cucumbers. You will be able to touch and stroke these sociable animals!

In addition to the usual visit, the aquarium offers activities for children such as dinner with stingrays and conger eels or the chance to feed the fish. To take part you must book before visiting. If you like excitement and you have a diving license, the centre organisesdives with sharks!

Cross a desert on a camel

A trip through the semi-desert landscape of Almeria with your family is definitely an experience your children will never forget.

Ten minutes from the city of Almeria, the company Camelus organises outings to Almeria's east throughout the year. In summer they organise trips in the Mojácar area while in winter they go to Pechina, which is near the city of Almeria itself.

You can calmly enjoy the outing as the camels are always guided by qualified staff and they have seats on both sides of the animal with seat belts. Children, if they are a bit scared, can ride in the centre.

If you want to go in winter, you can also visit the farm where they live and take a picnic to the small picnic area of the farmhouse in the company of these friendly animals.

You can also go on half-day and full-day excursions to symbolic places in Almeria like the Bajo Andarax.

Knights for an evening

Almeria's Alcazaba is one of the most important constructions of Islamic architecture on the Iberian Peninsula. It is the second largest after the Alhambra.

It stands above the city and can be seen from any point, which means it is an excellent viewpoint that enables you to take in the city of Almeria and its port from above.

It has three walled enclosures, one of which is a Christian castle thatwas commissioned within the Muslim site by the Catholic Monarchs. Here,your children will enjoy playing as knights, imagining thousands ofbattles, while they absorb the history of this imposing witness of time.

If you want to find out even more about Almeria's Alcazaba, you can participate as a family in some of the educational activities and workshops organised for children throughout the year. 

To the rescue of Saharan Fauna!

Behind Almeria's Alcazaba lies one of the region's biggest surprises.

On the "La Hoya" Estate a park has been created for the conservation of Saharan fauna. Here you will find endangered species that find Almeria's climate to be an oasis of survival.

Dorcas, dama and Cuvier's gazelles as well as barbary sheep are some of the interesting animals that populate this centre. It is also home to a beautiful Arab garden that is well worth a visit. Its zoological reserve, with over 200 different species, will take you round the five continents without having to leave the heart of Almeria. 

Have fun!

Almeria: a unique destination you can discover as a family
Almería, Cabo de Gata, Roquetas de Mar, Tabernas (Almería)