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Climbing the Mulhacén: an adventure to the ceiling of the peninsula

Ascenso al Mulhacén (18)

A unique adventure where we climb to a height of 3478 on the Mulhacén peak, the ceiling of the peninsula, with spectacular scenery and trails. Pay lots of attention!

In the following report, we want to invite you to experience one of the most authentic adventures in Andalusia and one that brings you into most contact with nature. No more and no less than climbing the Mulhacén peak, the ceiling of the Iberian Peninsula at its height of 3478 metres.

There are lots of different ways to climb the Mulhacén but, in this case, we suggest a route that runs through the famous La Cebadilla mountain pass, a few kilometres from the town of Capileira, the Poqueira refuge and, finally, Mulhacén peak.

Along the route, we will enjoy spectacular landscapes.

We will take a walk parallel to the Poqueira river, which will accompany us with the sound of its small waterfalls.

Wild horses grazing in the meadows on the way…

And huge flocks which seem to float like clouds all across the steep hillsides.

A physical and demanding adventure that is also accessible, as it does not require special equipment, but only a pair of boots, a rucksack over your shoulder and the desire to enjoy. A beautiful adventure, which you will find it hard to forget and which, after reading these lines and seeing these photographs, we want to encourage you to get up and do with your family or friends. An experience for disconnecting with. Listen closely!

Time to get acclimatised in the village of Bubión

The adventure starts in the beautiful village of Bubión and its tourist village, one of the best places to sleep in Alpujarra and the place we will use as base camp for our ascent of the Mulhacén.

As many of you know, our organisms don't react to altitude in the same way. If we do not get properly acclimatised, we may get altitude sickness. It is very common for novice hikers to go from sea-level altitudes, such as in Cadiz, Seville or Malaga, to altitudes of 3000 metres in under 24 hours. Some organisms can tolerate this and others, however, will show symptoms such as tachycardia, fatigue or headaches… so-called "altitude sickness”. Therefore, good acclimatisation at least 1 day before starting an adventure like the one we are suggesting to you below is very, very important.

And what better place than the tourist village of Bubión, which — at an altitude of 1300 metres and next to the start of the ascent of the Mulhacén — is the best spot to relax.

The tourist village of Bubión is a miniature village and its rooms are fabulous. Many of them have a kitchen, 2 floors, delightful balconies full of flowers…

And Alpujarra lunches or "migas"… Incredible!

The adventure starts towards the Poqueira refuge

From the tourist village of Bubión , we set off towards Capileira, we pass it and we continue along a sandy road to the village known as La Cebadilla. There, we leave our cars and we continue alongside the Poqueira river.

As you advance, you will put on and take off your coats every now and then. In the shade, it will be cold and, in the sun, along with the physical exercise, you'll feel really hot. To continue becoming well adapted to the altitude, it is very important to keep at a stable temperature, not too hot or too cold, and also to keep yourself well hydrated. A couple of litres of water will be enough from La Cebadilla to the Poqueira refuge.

The start of the route will zigzag up a slope for 400 metres and take you to what is known as the Porqueira ravine, leaving behind spectacular valleys like the following…

Gallery forests with the Poqueira river meandering through them…

Film-like ascents, where the verticality is the least important thing…

But, above all, landscapes, lots of landscapes on one side and another of the small trails that wind through the mountains like snakes to the Poqueira refuge.

Experience in the Poqueira refuge at 2500 metres

After an ascent of 4-5 hours from the La Cebadilla electrical power station, we come to the end of the first stage of our adventure, the famous Poqueira refuge.

As you see it in the distance, you will notice how your feet start walking towards it on their own! As you arrive, you will be amazed tosee the facilities that have been set up at an altitude of 2500 metres.

Wonderful facilities, with unbeatable service that will give you the best tips for your route, lockers and views of a sunset over the Mediterranean Sea that will amaze you.

A Mediterranean sea that, along with the Moroccan Atlas mountains, will greet you with a clear message: "Look how high you've climbed if you can greet us”. Moment of reflection!

After an intense day walking and walking… there is no better way to finish off the day than with a moment like this, of relaxation and "resetting”.

An excellent supper and stars

After the blushes and oranges of sunset, it is time for night and its marvellous blanket of stars. To enjoy the heavens in a place like this, with piercing silence… is a special sensation.

With the night upon us, it will soon be time for supper. Yes, you read that correctly. A supper in a remote place like that. A real privilege. See how good these chicken wings with potatoes "a lo pobre" look… you will agree with us that being able to eat a hot meal is a real luxury being, as we are, at an altitude of 2500 metres.

A supper which is not just any old supper either. Everything is thought out here and, at the Refuge, they have thought of everything, designing a menu with fibres and hydrates that will recharge the batteries we need to get our strength back for the next day. See how good the hot, lentil soup looks that's waiting for you if you go up…

And also this delicious rice with dates and vegetables… and, furthermore, you can have as much as you want!

Final assault to 3478 metres on the Mulhacén

The night at the refuge will be exciting. Listening to the wind banging the roof of the refuge is a real experience and, almost without realising it, at about 6 in the morning, when the sun has not yet lit up the mountains, the alarm-clock will be going off in your room at the Poqueira refuge.

Ascenso al Mulhacén (81)

The day will start early for you and, after a good breakfast, where you will recharge your batteries and wake up, you will set out towards the summit of the Mulhacén leaving behind wonderful landscapes that, along with the morning freshness and the first rays of dawn, will make you fall in love with the mountain.

This last stage of the ascent of the Mulhacén will amaze you.

There will be 2-3 hours of climbing slope followed by slope…

But, above all, a completely panoramic route where you will advance through spectacular meadows from which you can make out the Granada coast in the background.

Don't run, there's no hurry. Stop a moment, wait, nobody's following you, look around you and enjoy.

Landscape after landscape, attached one to the other. The Mediterranean in the background and a king over everything surrounding you: the Mulhacén.

The final section to the summit will seem like another planet. Just imagine what it must be like walking along trails like this

Lagoons like craters will surround you like real lunar landscapes

And, finally, the Mulhacén will welcome you with the best views of the peninsula.

A just reward that will make you feel like champions, winners of the challenge and the adventure of climbing to the ceiling of the peninsula.

A moment to remember and frame along with the rest of the experiences, landscapes and moments experienced on the way to the very ceiling of the peninsula.

So come on, there's no reason to miss a real adventure you have here at home in Andalusia.


turismo sostenible aventura rutas paisajes naturales inolvidables pico mulhacén el techo de la península 3478 metros sobre el mar sendero
Climbing the Mulhacén: an adventure to the ceiling of the peninsula
Bubión, Capileira (Granada)