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Dog beaches in Cadiz, Granada, Almeria and Huelva. Come and discover them!

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Once the good weather arrives, beach fans immediately get ready for their favourite pastime. On the coasts of of Cadiz, Granada, Almeria and Huelva there are four authorised dog beaches.

Little by little, beaches for dogs are becoming standard practice on our coast: from Huelva's Costa de la Luz to the Almeria coast around Adra, and including the Costa del Sol, there are several beaches that have adapted to the demands of pets tourism. Unlike the Malaga coast - where there are up to six dog beaches - Cadiz, Granada, Almeria and Huelva have a dog beach each. Would you like to know in which areas they are and what their features include? 

Camposoto, Cadiz dog beach

In the Province of Cadiz, a decision was made to follow this trend in summer 2016, which was why the establishment of a section of Camposoto Beach, in San Fernando, was announced, installing the necessary signposts to inform bathers in general as well as those looking to spend a day at the beach with their dog. However, access from the car park at Camposoto to the restricted area for dogs and their owners is not immediate: you have to use a dune path.

Advice: we recommend, for the walk from your car to the dog beach, protecting the legs of your furry friend, as well as other sensitive areas, such as the ears and nose. And don't forget your lead, as dogs are not allowed to roam free here (except in a designated area with wooden fencing that can be detached).

PlayaCan Motril

The dog beach on Granada's coast was named PlayaCan Motril. However, as usually occurs when delimiting these areas for dogs, the region took advantage of the scarcity of bathers to outline a leisure area that, if applicable, starts at Poniente Beach and stretches to the wall at Motril's port.

Advice: Looking for accommodation for you and your pet in Motril? If you need a hotel for dogs, close to this beach you will find a range of pet-friendly accommodation options (as well as more in Salobreña). Before travelling with pets bear in mind a crucial requirement: they must be up-to-date with vaccinations.

Rana Beach in Adra

Rana Beach is the first beach for dogs in the Province of Almeria. It was in 2016 when it became the first of its kind on the eastern stretch of Andalusia, in an area that is not suitable for humans to bathe in. It is located between the beaches of El Lance de la Virgen and La Gaviota. There are 350 metres for you to enjoy during a day outdoors on the seashore in a place where your pets can stretch their legs. Finally!

Advice: there are rules. You must follow the established regulations - at each dog beachthere are rules, although they coincide on basic things, such as the obligation to pick up faeces - as such, there will be coexistence among all users, whether they are pets or owners (the latter must be adults).

Mazagón: a highly natural beach for dogs

Espigón Beach is a dream come true for people who like to run around and play with their pets outdoors in the Province of Huelva. It is in Mazagón, on Huelva's coast, signposted from the 5th boardwalk and up to the breakwater.

Advice: Why visit this dog beach? If you are looking for unspoilt beaches, this is the place for you as it is a beach that forms a part of Marismas Odiel Natural Space. You and your dog can enjoy 2,500 square metres.

Dog beaches in Cadiz, Granada, Almeria and Huelva. Come and discover them!
Adra, Almería, Cádiz, Granada, Huelva, Mazagón, Moguer, Motril, San Fernando.