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Looking for outdoor activities to do with children? Four family destinations in Andalusia


A little nature and fun with the family are the perfect combination for an enjoyable holiday. Getting away from the city and enjoying the great outdoors feels good to everyone. These recommended destinations in Andalusia will help you start planning your family getaway. Keep reading!

Riotinto Mines, Huelva 

The red, desert landscape filled with craters has been compared to Mars. The Riotinto mines will take your breath away. Be sure to take a look at the Corta Atalaya, an open-pit mine with a stunning resemblance to the Colosseum in Rome. While you're there, take the opportunity to explore the Riotinto Greenway that runs along the banks of the River Tinto.

Sierra Nevada, Granada

Although the name literally means 'snow-covered mountains', Sierra Nevada doesn't always look like a winter postcard. In summer, it offers plenty of mountain activities to do with children: easy hiking trails, a visit to the Hoya de Pedraza Botanical Garden, and learning about the local vegetation. 

Violeta de Sierra Nevada

Tabernas Desert, Almería

Little torrential rivers have shaped this desert landscape, the only one of its kind in the whole of Europe. It will provide the ideal setting for your family in the purest western style. It's also a special protection area for birds. So take your time, it's a fascinating place to do some bird watching. 

Fuente de Piedra Lagoon, Málaga 

This is the largest nature reserve in Andalusia and home to the largest colony of flamingos in the Iberian Peninsula. It makes for a fun, relaxing day. Why not try imitating the flamingos?

Be sure to explore the whole area, you'll take home some wonderful memories. Andalusia offers lots of wide open spaces where you can enjoy a quiet, relaxing holiday.

Looking for outdoor activities to do with children? Four family destinations in Andalusia