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Tajos of the River Alhama and thermal springs of Alhama de Granada

Tajos Río Alhama

The mountainous landscapes in the Sierras de Granada have captivated travellers and visitors since ancient times and the town of Alhama, located at the foot of the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama, certifies this.

This area is an ideal setting for those looking to make a getaway and get to know the towns in the area, enjoy a little hiking or get the chance to relax. The two main attractions of this municipality are the Tajos del río Alhama and renowned springs and thermal waters

This ancient and important stronghold in the old Nasrid kingdom features a stunning series of canyons and sandstone pits, spectacular indentations in the earth formed by river erosion and rockfalls. The actual town is the best place for visitors to admire the formidable gorge which is fifty metres deep.

From the balconies and lookout points provided, the view is lost amongst the foliage of the willows, elms and rattans, riverbank trees that follow the course of a river with vegetation that creates an idyllic landscape.

In Arabic, the name of the town means "hot waters" and the prestige of the hot springs has been known since the Romans arrived here. The well-being provided by the natural pools is the perfect end to a long day of walking, as the waters remain at a pleasant 47º degrees throughout the year. They are not only relaxing, they are considered to be therapeutic and highly recommended for the treatment of certain ailments. 

But the waters are not the only attraction that the town treasures. There are religious monuments such as the Iglesia del Carmen, dating back to the 12th century and it is still preserved as a place of worship, and the Iglesia de la Encarnación, which was built over the remains of an old mosque after the Christian conquest. Other points of interest are the Casa de la Inquisición (House of the Inquisition), the former Prison and the Velutti Ethnographic Museum

Tajos of the River Alhama and thermal springs of Alhama de Granada
Alhama de Granada.