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Experience a movie romance in Almería

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Discover the most romantic side of the mountain towns of Almería, relax with your partner in the Arab baths and fall in love with the Almería sunsets.

Do you want see some of the most beautiful parts of Almería and surprise your partner? Come and discover some of the many options that the province of Almería offers.

Discover one of Spain's most beautiful towns in the mountains of Almería

Set in the heart of the Sierra de los Filabres Mountains, Lucainena de las Torres is a real gem to discover

One of the prettiest and most charming towns in Spain, whose name dates from the Muslim kingdoms where it was fortified with seven towers that no longer exist.

This unique and small place has been situated in the upper part of the Sierra Alhamilla beyond Tabernas desert. Its streets have the freshness and light us all Andalusian white villages, and at the same time, the warmth of a mountain village.

This small village has charming hideaways where you can lose yourself in great company. The simplicity of its main square is the ideal place to enjoy some delicious tapas in one of the terraces and bars.

Based on the old building of the mining company, you can enjoy strolls along the Green route of Lucainena de las Torres. A trail that runs along the railway that carried mineral to Agua Amarga where you can find water mills, hills and gorges, desert landscapes and the most beautiful panoramic mountain views.

One of the most important remains of this area are the mineral calcination stoves that preserve their testimony of the importance of mining in the area.

An oasis of peace between the rocks

We continue visiting nearby places, but this time in the Almeria Alpujarra, where we find endless nooks and crannies and villages that we fell in love with, such as the village of Padules and the source of the river we found between rock and nature whilst walking along the river.

A unique place to enjoy a good swim, where small waterfalls act as a natural spa.

The sensuality of the coastal silhouettes

We leave the mountain to stroll amidst cliffs, sand and crystal-clear water along the Coast of the Cabo de Gata Nature Reserve.

The reef in Las Sirenas. You won't get tired of seeing the wonderful shapes of the rocks and remains of volcanic chimneys that jut out into the sea in tonnes of blue.

A place by the sea

Outside the city of Almería and just a few kilometres away, we find Roquetas de Mar, a beautiful village that stretches along the west coast.

You can relax in the shade of some of its hideaways next to the Castle of Santa Ana and walk along its peaceful marina, one of the largest Freshwater marinas.

Sensational journey into the past of the city of Almeria 

In Almería you must visit the Alcazaba, a historic setting that will transport you back to several centuries ago to the old Moorish society.

From its towers and viewpoints you can see the large fortress, which is still standing.

And enjoy the sea views and the Port of Almería, in this strategic and defensive point of the city.

We descend from the top of the alcazaba until reaching the Plaza de la Constitución, the oldest square in the city which houses the monument to the Martyrs of Freedom.

On one side is the Plaza Vieja Hotel & Lounge, which is the ideal romantic break with its relaxing Moorish baths, outside massages enjoying the sunset or sample a glass of wine and looking at the Alcazaba and the Cerro de San Cristóbal Walls.

Inspired by the scenery and historic remains of the province of Almería, you can continue travelling through time in your room.

You can relax in the waters of its Moorish baths Air of Almería and rest your eyes under the tenuous light of the most intimate atmosphere.

You can complete your relaxing time with a massage that will awaken all your senses.

The sunsets in Almería are one of the most romantic moments that you can share. Take your shoes off and feel the sand massage your feet as you watch the sun fall away over the horizon.

 I bet you've just fallen in love a bit more. And not just with your partner, but also with Almería.

Experience a movie romance in Almería
Almería, Cabo de Gata, Lucainena de las Torres, Padules, Roquetas de Mar (Almería)