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5 activities to do with your dog if you visit Cadiz

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We present five activities to enjoy with dogs in the province of Cadiz: Rota, Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Tarifa, Real Port, Zahara de los Atunes and Conil de la Frontera comprise this route.

Where can I travel with my pet if I come to Cadiz? In addition to parks for dogs, like Laguna del Moral in Rota, or Playa de Camposoto in San Fernando (the official Cadiz dog beach), there are many other attractions. The always extremely interesting Green Routes, through which we can discover the region's fauna and flora, or tourist towns where enjoyment is guaranteed (TarifaConil de la FronteraZahara de los Atunes.) Take note.

Green route between Rivers (Rota-Sanlúcar)

The Green route between rivers starts of from Rota and culminates in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, passing through Chipiona. It extends along the length of just over 16 kilometres that can be experienced in the company of a dog, providing it is tied, as per regulations. Whatever the distance of the Green Route, never forget to rehydrate your pet beforehand, and to take drink and food for the outing.

The dune landscape, typical of the Atlantic coast, is not lacking here. You can explore agricultural fields, pine forests, as well as chipioneros, the typical farmyards in the northwest coastal region of Cadiz. Walkways, stopping places, stations… the inheritance of the railway tracks is here, within sight of hikers.

Camarinal lighthouse (Tarifa)

Here, where Mediterranean and Atlantic waters meet, is Punta de Tarifa. Across from the city of the same name, it offers many attractions for tourists who seek pet-friendly places. Like Misiana Hotel or Yurts Tarifa, accommodations where you can relax with family and spend some wonderful days with your pet. Enjoy the yurts -tents of Mongol origin, used frequently in Central Asia- without sacrificing comfort.

Leisure in Tarifa is as diverse as it is exciting, although there are some who prefer to rest in a hammock beneath a heavenly atmosphere, or gaze the African coast from the town itself. We recommend, if you like adventure tourism, to take a stroll to the Cabo de Gracia tower or Camarinal lighthouse, declared of Cultural Interest. A watchtower originally, it was commissioned by Philip II in the 16th century to protect the coast from Berber pirates. Your dog will love it.

Matagorda Green Route (Real Port)

The historic Real Port is one of the highlights of this old path, in addition to its natural surroundings: the Bay of Cadiz Nature Reserve, specifically one of the best-preserved marshes in the bay (the Toruños Marsh and Algaida Pine Grove). A wooden walkway crosses this path over three and a half kilometres. A very pleasant walk to discover the birds in this area of the bay.

Almarchal Route (Zahara de los Atunes)

Located on a plain, beside the sea, this small fishing village is surrounded by hills that belong to two mountains, the Retín and Plata. Famous for its coves and beaches of golden sand and scarce massification, it is ideal for a weekend getaway. Or for hiking with your pet, along the Almarchal Route, which runs along the banks of the Cachón River. If you are travelling with pets, you can visit pet-friendly places to eat. In Zahara we have some Madrid Gourmet finalists: the Pradillo Restaurant, which has among its specialities red tuna tartar (you already know this is a land of tuna!).

Calas de Roche Route (Conil de la Frontera)

The white houses of Conil, against the backdrop of the sky, appear like an amazing postcard from which one cannot separate one's eyes. But Conil de la Frontera is much more than its beaches and tuna. You can taste the Moroccan cuisine of places like Atalaya, which allows pets. O get involved in active tourism with your hairy buddy along the Calas de Roche Route, which presents a delicious path of sand and wood. The route, a little over six kilometres, is circular, and starts at the end of the Chiclana -and historic- La Barrosa beach.

5 activities to do with your dog if you visit Cadiz
Barbate, Conil de la Frontera, Puerto Real, Rota, Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Tarifa, Zahara (Cádiz)