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The Sierra de Segura, the mecca of free-flying

Sierra de Segura

Mountains that are over 2,000 metres high replicate each other and rise from the mist above fertile valleys and deep canyons. We are in Sierra del Segura, a region where man never gave up on his age-old desire to fly and continues to be amazed at the scenery from above.

Yelmo stands at 1,809 metres above sea level. This iconic mountain is a wonderful vantage point to see the vast Jaén region below. A kind of Mount Olympus that is perfect for launching into the void as you surrender yourself to the wonderful sport of free flight.

In fact, free flight experts consider Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y las Villas Nature Reserve to be one of the best places for this sport in Spain. We find exceptional flight conditions, the advantages of having a paved road that is suitable for vehicles, suitable weather all year round, and a 1,000-metre drop, which gives you a sense of freedom like no other. It has two take-off areas and three landing areas.

Every year, in summer, hundreds of free flight enthusiasts take to the sky in Sierra de Segura celebrating the now traditional International Air Festival. Paragliding and paramotor pilots flock from all over the world for this particular event, to enjoy exhibitions, races, multiple activities and even their own air film contest. For anyone who loves free flight, Segura is the place to be, because it welcomes all kinds of people, from beginners to the most experienced pilots.

Brave pilots will soar through the air, over the River Guadalquivir, and down below they will see not only the heart of a wonderful nature area, but also a land steeped in history where many different civilisations have lived: Iberians, Romans and Moors. It is impossible to resist gazing at this natural and historical legacy from above, and it is inconceivable not to "land" in one of the most beautiful villages of the place, Segura de la Sierra, Orcera, Hornos de Segura or La Puerta... and enjoy the gastronomy and the vast heritage they offer.

The Sierra de Segura, the mecca of free-flying
Segura de la Sierra.