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Hiking or trekking

Hiking or trekking is an environmentally sound sport where you can enjoy the countryside, with the chance to practise a certain level of map reading.

One of the sport’s main objectives is prolonged physical activity that is not technically difficult, in contact with nature. Besides being a healthy habit, it lets you go on fun excursions in extremely beautiful areas of interest to tourists.

Hiking lets you enjoy fun walks on a range of routes signposted by the ERA (European Ramblers Association), classified according to duration and difficulty: Long-distance, Short-distance, Local trail or Urban trail.

Where to go hiking

The wide variety of landscapes to be found in Andalusia make it the ideal setting for a host of hiking routes.

There are many tracks and trails to be found throughout the Region of Andalusia, ever more popular with tourists who want to enjoy the area’s flora and fauna.

Some of the most outstanding routes in Andalusia are: Pico Torrecilla and Puerto de los Pilones in the Sierra de las Nieves Mountains, both in Malaga province, as well as outings in the Sierra de Grazalema Nature Reserve (Cadiz province) and trails in the Sierra del Segura Mountains, Cazorla Nature Reserve (Jaén) and Sierra Nevada, in Granada.

Precautions and recommendations

The easy nature of this activity means that there are only a few precautions to be taken.

We would recommend you go with at least one other person, and always get as much information as possible on the place to be visited. It is also a good idea to check the weather forecast – changes in the weather can make the walk difficult or even dangerous.

Although there are water fountains and places to drink on most organised routes, you should always carry some drinking water with you.

Necessary equipment

You do not need very complicated or technical equipment for hiking. You need comfortable clothing above all, with hiking boots and preferably long trousers to prevent cuts and scratches caused by vegetation.

According to the duration of the route, you should take food and provisions, as well as energy drinks, if necessary. You can also use a walking pole to provide extra support.

While it is not advisable to carry excess weight while you walk, it is a good idea to take a rucksack with practical items such as first aid kit, torch and survival kit.


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