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Multi-adventure activities


This concept encompasses a broad range of sports practised either in specific facilities or outdoors. The most popular activities are as follows:

Tyrolean traverse: this consists of sliding along a rope or steel cable from one point to another point at a lower height. The rope therefore has to be anchored to two points at different heights.

Abseiling: this is a form of descent in which you slide your body along a rope, which is secured to an anchor.

Tibetan bridge: this involves crossing a chasm by moving along three ropes, two for your hands and one for your feet. An excellent physical condition, stamina and a sense of balance are required for this dangerous sport.

Archery: the object of this sport is to fire arrows at a target. The closer your arrow lands to the bull's eye at the centre of the target, the higher the score.

Gymkhana: games involving numerous competitions such as avoiding obstacles, races, various skills tests, etc.

Paintball: this is a game of strategy in which the participants use markers activated by compressed air, CO2or other gases to fire small balls of paint at other players.

Where to go multi-adventure activities

Andalusia offers numerous settings for practising these activities outdoors. However, there are also a vast number of facilities and companies around the region that provide a broad range of multi-adventure services.

Precautions and recommendations

To avoid injuring while practising these activities, participants must do exactly what the guide tells them.

It is also important to know the weather conditions, especially if you are practising the activity outdoors.


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