Off-road vehicles

Off-road vehicles

Vehículos Todoterreno

Off-road vehicles came into existence at the beginning of the 20th century as war vehicles. With time they moved into the industrial and then the civil spheres. They are now considered as recreational vehicles that offer the chance to cover slippery or complicated trails.

They can be rented self-drive to do the route you choose, or otherwise you can use the services of a specialist company, with professional drivers who know the terrain well and can take you to the most hidden, beautiful spots you could imagine.

Off road, or 4x4, vehicles are designed to be apt for driving on rugged, complicated terrain. However, they are not indestructible and also have their limitations. As with any other vehicle, they require care and prudent manoeuvring to get the best performance out of them.

Where to go off-road driving

There are many organised routes for this type of vehicles available across the varied countryside of Andalusia.

The coast of Almería, for example, is ideal, not only to enjoy the countryside, but also to find out the interesting history of the area.

Cadiz is another province with the chance to explore wild countryside, in the Sierra de Grazalema Mountains or Los Alcornocales. The Cazorla y Segura Mountains in Jaén province, or the Tejeda y Alhama Mountains, with the Verde River Valley, in Granada, are other ideal places to explore at the wheel of a 4x4.

Precautions and recommendations

Before setting out on a 4x4 route you should get information on the distance to be covered to give you an idea of the amount of fuel required. You should also find out the condition of the tracks and meteorological conditions.

Don't forget to check the mechanics of the vehicle, engine and tyre condition, etc.

As with any vehicle, you should take the necessary precautions when driving, and have a valid motor insurance policy.

According to the routes chosen, the terrain may be more or less complicated, so we recommend you keep away from inaccessible areas unless you have the necessary skill and experience. Otherwise, you should use the services of a professional guide.

Necessary equipment

The equipment required for off-road excursions is limited to the vehicle itself, and the necessary safety accessories, spares, etc.

Check you have a spare wheel in good condition.

Try to take complementary items such as food and drink, camera, etc. that will make the route more enjoyable.

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