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The best outdoor routes around Cordoba with your dog

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A pleasant trip around Los Pedroches, the Guadalquivir Valley and the Sierras Subbéticas. We suggest three routes in unique countryside where you can stretch your legs with your pet. Three days of fresh air.

The enormous cultural and ethnographic heritage of Cordoba also lies outside the province's capital city. Elsewhere in the province you are offered an invitation of escape as well as the temptation of traveling with pets, enjoying the outdoors in particular. There is nothing better than heading into the Subbética Mountains, in the southwest of the province, which form a mountainous landscape with the karst and clay nuances that are symbolic of the Baetic System Mountains, in harmony with their beautiful valleys. Speaking of valleys… Can you imagine dawn at Los Pedroches with its forest of oak trees silhouetted against the sky and the orange-tinged hills? It's gentle poetry that is difficult to describe. You have to experience it: do so with your pet. Don't forget to walk a part of the Guadalquivir Valley alongside an historic river. It's Historic, with a capital "H".

Valle de Los Pedroches

Among the country houses of the Province of Cordoba that permit dogs, highlights include Hotel La Venta del Charco, located in this lovely valley. In Cardeña, specifically. It offers you a spa and traditional houses where you can rest and relax with your dog or cat (felines are also welcome). There are options such as the trail running from the unique Aldea del Cerezo to Venta del Charco, which can be walked in both directions. This trail features meadows, oak and acorn trees, as well as Pyrenean oaks, trees related to the oak and cork oak but with charismatic leaves: you'll recognise them with their lobes.

From Venta Nueva Visitor Centre in the town you can tackle the trail with your pet, although your furry friend must be kept on a lead at all times. 

Guadalquivir Valley

Hornachuelos forms a part of the Vega del Guadalquivir, along with other towns like MontoroPedro Abad and El Carpio, which comprise a highly interesting route that follows the river. Meadow, countryside and mountain provide a natural triumvirate of unquestionable scenic beauty: there is a forest protecting the river that is home to many species. Located between two gorges, Hornachuelosrequires a visit, and not simply due to its natural park and caliphate past. You will find options such as a botanical trail, which is a pleasant circular walk where you can discover an enormous variety of plants. Follow the course of the river of the Rabilarga, and offer company to the silent elms, hawthorns, ivy and oleanders. Although you might end up speaking in whispers! You'll still be able to hear them though.

In Huerta del Rey Visitor Centre (Hornachuelos) the size of your pet will determine if they must be kept on a lead and muzzled or allowed to roam free. Small animals, in fact, can wander around freely.

Finishing the trail, and in order to regain your strength, there's nothing better than trying artisan cheeses, honey or jams made by the Cistercian monks of Santa María de Las Escalonias. Its monastery is found on Carretera de Palma del Río.

Sierras Subbéticas

In order to tackle the Fuente de Jarcas Trail - known as such in honour of the spring given the same name by the Local Government of Cabra in 1958 - you must head to the Cabra region at the foot of the mountain range. Next to the spring you will see remains of the Roman quarry where materials were extracted in order to construct the stone mill. As is usually the case with this type of routes, you can learn a ton of things: geology, botany and even Roman engineering!

As is the case throughout the Subbética MountainsSanta Rita Visitor Centre (Cabra) requires that all animals, whatever their size, are kept on a lead at all points of the trail.

The best outdoor routes around Cordoba with your dog
Cabra, Cardeña, Hornachuelos (Córdoba)