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Touring the vineyards of Huelva

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Discover the wonderful Huelva wines in a journey that will take you amongst vineyards, wineries and beautiful walled cities that will transport you back in time.

To the south-west of the province of Huelva and bordering with Andévaloto the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the south, the provinces of Seville and Cadiz to the east and with the city of Huelva to the west, we find Condado de Huelva, where two famous wine designations of origin are produced: "Condado de Huelva" and "Vinagre del Condado de Huelva”.

If you like wine, the culture surrounding the production of it, and enjoying beautiful scenery, we invite you to take a beautiful and tasty route where you will be able to discover all the varieties of grape produced in Huelva , sample its spectacular wines (even take some home with you if you like), stroll around the cobbled streets of its historic walled cities, taste delicious dishes from Huelva cuisine accompanied with its best wines, and visit its beautiful monuments and interesting museums.

A walk through vineyards and cellars…

In Bollulos Par del Condado, Bodegas Iglesias opens its doors so you can immerse yourself in its history, its culture and, especially, its exquisite wines, produced since 1935 with all the loving care that can only be provided by a great family.

Bodegas Iglesias is in an old, 18th-century convent. Throughout its attractive, vaulted, brick cellars, which used to be used for ageing the sweet wines that were drunk at mass and which still retain that use today, you can smell such an intense aroma of grape that you can almost taste it.

During the visit, you have the chance to taste a delicious sample of their wine taken directly from the barrel. You will see how the warm light of Huelva bathes the wine skilfully prepared at Bodegas Iglesias with an intense glow.

Dry condado pálido, oloroso, condado viejo, orange wine, sweet oloroso, medium-sweet young white wine or simply a young white wine – try any of its types of wine and take them home to share with your friends and family and give them a delicious souvenir from Condado de Huelva.

Bodegas Iglesias offer a wide range of activities and tours that take place at their facilities. Tours guided by experts, wine tastings, flamenco shows and equestrian exhibitions are some of the services offered to ensure your visit to Condado de Huelva is even more complete!

Bollulos Par del Condado is one of the richest wine-growing towns on the route and that is why the Condado de Huelva Wine Centre is located there. This modern building houses a visitors' centre, where you will learn all about the history and culture of wine. Furthermore, you can book a marvellous ride on the Doñana Wine Train, which connects Bollullos, Hinojos and Almonte and ends with a visit to the Bodegas Andrade.

The Condado de Huelva Wine Centre connects with another of its iconic wineries. Bodegas Privilegio del Condado is waiting to show you the best of wine production in Bollullos, fertile plains with warm temperatures and an Atlantic influence, where delicious wines with great personality are aged.

The beautiful wine cellars at the Bodegas Privilegio del Condado have spent many years producing delicious wines made from the white Zalema grape – the essence of its wine production.

Don't miss a visit to the shop – an obligatory stop on this route. You can get any of its white, red and full-bodied wines here. Take them home and enjoy them on a special occasion or whenever you like – because any excusewill do when it comes to sampling a wonderful D.O. Condado de Huelva wine.

At the heart of the Condado de Huelva lies the picturesque Rociana del Condado, whose network of streets and monuments was declared an Historic and Artistic Site in 2002. Vines are the most noteworthy crop on its extensive lands and that is why Nuestra Señora del Socorro Wine Co-op is to be found here.

Visit the huge vineyards that lend a green and golden hue to the domains of the Nuestra Señora del Socorro Wine Co-op and stroll amongst traditional barrels and stunning aluminium facilities that house their delicious red and white wines.

Each cellar holds a specific art in wine production – would you like to discover them all?

Tradition and innovation are the basic principles that define Bodegas Contreras Ruíz, located in the historic quarter of Rociana del Condado. Come and visit its wonderful 19th-century building and beautiful natural surroundings and end the visit by buying some of its best wines.

Bodegas Contreras Ruíz offer much more than a guided tour of its facilities and wine tastings. Would you like to combine a visit to the winery with another to a fighting bull farm or would you prefer to explore the heritage of Condado de Huelva? Of course, perhaps you would prefer to combine some wine tourism with Nordic walking, a night of flamenco or take part in a premium tasting... All of these activities will soak your trip in the genuine taste of the wines and culture of the region.

What are you waiting for?

A tour around the monuments of Condado…

The Condado de Huelva region is rich in delicious wines and also in historic examples of its wonderful historic and cultural legacy. Would you like a glass of wine combined with a cultural route with lots of art?

In the famous work by Juan Ramón Jiménez, Platero and I, we can read the phrase: "the tower in Moguer close-up looks like a far-off Giralda”. This is no surprise as the Nuestra Señora de Granadais one of the best examples of Andalusian Baroque and it is in Moguer –one of the most important cultural sites in the Condado de Huelva region.

Stroll through its streets, savour a delicious "quesadilla" in the La Victoria bakery (the oldest one, with more than a century of tradition behind it). Enjoy the peace and learn of its rich history, which is closely linked to the discovery of America. Did you know that, after the Discovery, Moguer became the reference port for exporting wine to America.

Moguer is the birthplace of the Nobel Prize for Literature Juan Ramón Jiménez, who did not hesitate to leave the mark of his hometown in some of his most representative works. In beautiful Moguer, the birthplace of the brilliant writer is now conserved, turned into a House-Museum. Visit it and admire the exhibition of personal objects and copies of his works!

One of the most beautiful façades in Moguer is that of the Corpus Christi Chapel and the current Teatro Felipe Godínez, which was originally a charity hospital. The main characteristic of this doorway is the beautiful finish of its walls, with tiles from the Triana neighbourhood. A real picture-postcard sight at the heart of Condado de Huelva.

Due to its importance as the birthplace of the nobel prize, a place involved in the Discovery of America and a fundamental port for wine trade with America, Moguer is an essential stop on any route around Condado de Huelva.

Did you know that we are closer to the planet Mars than you thought? Some scientists say that the reddish water (due to the quantity of minerals it has) of the Tinto River is the most similar to the colour of Mars to be found on Earth. Its water bathes the foot of the valley that contains the beautiful historic Niebla.

Inside the picturesque walled town of Niebla is Los Guzmanes Palace, colloquially known as Niebla Castle. Located in a predominant place over the valley and the banks of the river, remains of its past (of medieval origin and later occupied by Visigoths, Arabs and Christians) are still conserved today. Today, in the castle, there are occasionally tours, falconry workshops and, even, an Annual Dance and Theatre Festival.

One of the main monument sights in the historic town of Niebla as soon as we go through the Puerta del Socorro in the wall is the spectacular view of the Church of San Martín in Niebla. The building —of Visigoth origins— has undergone various renovations that have favoured the preservation of different styles relating to different periods of history and this is precisely what earned it its qualification —at the beginning of the 20th century— as an Historic and Artistic Monument.

Its narrow streets, its beautiful picture-postcard views, its walls covered in tiles decorated in tiny, colourful detail, the colour and aromatic variety of its plants, the tranquillity and pure air, the golden light of the sunset on the stone of the monuments, with views over a river the colour of roof tiles... Do you need any more reasons?

Wine, culture and wine culture – all on one single route that is going to leave you wanting more…

Touring the vineyards of Huelva
Almonte, Bollullos Par del Condado, Moguer, Niebla, Palma del Condado, La, Rociana del Condado, Villalba del Alcor (Huelva)