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Transnevada, a stunning cycling route that "hugs" the "Mountain of the Sun", Sulayr, as the Moors called Sierra Nevada, with views of the highest peaks in mainland Spain.

The route of the Transnevada tour provides a broad series of sensory contrasts, full of chromatic, sound and olfactory nuances, which change depending on the area and the time of year, providing a wealth of experiences to the rhythm of pedal.

It skirts the Sierra Nevada National Park for 450 km, with all the delights of the different landscapes in Almería and Granada all along the route through six regions: the Lecrín Valley, the Western Sierra Nevada, Guadix and the Marquesado del Zenete, Río Nacimiento, the Alpujarra in Almeria - Alto Andarax and the Alpujarra in Granada.

It has an extraordinary environmental, cultural and ethnographic content, enabling the discovery of the most unknown features that are preserved in the broad indigenous biodiversity of Sierra Nevada and revealing the link between man and the mountain, in the numerous heritage remains in the villages which have an abundance of history and legends, treasure their deep-rooted traditions and the popular wisdom of its simple people, all of which is a source of inspiration for great literary tales.

From a sports point of view, the route of the stages of the Transnevada is an ideal setting for the most intrepid and adventurous biker.

Type of Route: Circular. Total Length: 450 Km Estimated duration: 8-15 days Type of surface: Compacted earth tracks and asphalt, Stages: 8 Stages and 11 Complementary Alternative 1-Day Routes. Accessibility: Suitable for mountain bikers and hikers.

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Transnevada - 1
Difficulty High
  • Length: 52.2km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A Güéjar Sierra
B Camping Cortijo Balderas
C Lugros
Transnevada - 2
Difficulty Medium - Low
  • Length: 45.5km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A Lugros
B Cogollos de Guadix
C Jerez del Marquesado
D Lanteira
E Alquife
F Aldeire
Transnevada - 3
Difficulty High
  • Length: 76.8km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A Ferreira
B Dólar
C Huéneja
D Ohanes
Transnevada - 4
Difficulty Low
  • Length: 34.8km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A Ohanes
B Paterna del Río
C Bayárcal
D Puerto de La Ragua Recreational Resort Consortium
Transnevada - 5
Difficulty High
  • Length: 62.6km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A Ohanes
B Bayárcal
C Pensión Posada de los Arrieros
Transnevada - 6
Difficulty High
  • Length: 66.6km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A Puerto de La Ragua Recreational Resort Consortium
B Juviles
Transnevada - 7
Difficulty High
  • Length: 51.0km
  • Cycling percentage: 86.0%
A Cáñar
B Dílar
Transnevada - 8
Difficulty Low
  • Length: 7.0km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A Posada de los Arrieros
B Juviles
Transnevada - 9
Difficulty High
  • Length: 58.2km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A Juviles
B Trevélez
C Pitres
D Pórtugos
E Capileira
F Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares Pedro Antonio de Alarcón de Capileira
G Bubión
H Pampaneira
I Pampaneira
J Cáñar
Transnevada - 10
Difficulty High
  • Length: 44.2km
  • Cycling percentage: 100.0%
A Dílar
B Gójar
C Zubia, La
D Monachil
E Vía Verde of Sierra Nevada
F El Dornajo
G Güéjar Sierra
Carretera antigua de Sierra Nevada, Oficina Parque Nacional y Parque Natural de Sierra Nevada, Km. 7 - Pinos Genil, 18091
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