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Discovering the alpujarras landscapes in a 4x4, hiking and biking

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Are you going to visits alpujarras and need some ideas? In this article we have 3 options for hikers, mountain bikers and a beautiful 4x4 route where you can enjoy so

For today's idea, we went to the Almeria Alpujarra and the lesser-known Granada Alpujarra . We cross the landscapes of the white villages of the Granada and Almería alpujarras of Laujar de Andarax, Laroles, Bayárcal and Jubar in fun ways adapted to all visitors.

Firstly, we have an active tourism idea, more physical and full of adrenaline. Mountain Biking.

Secondly, hiking, covering one of the most famous routes in the area called "Del castaño milenario", or "The age-old chestnut”, and we'll tell you why in just a minute.

Finally, if you prefer to simply enjoy the countryside without making any type of effort, we bring you 4x4, which will cross the most beautiful landscapes of the alpujarra in the most comfortable way possible.

Adrenalin and landscapes at the rhythm of the pedal!

Personally, we believe that biking is one of the most fun ways to cross the paths that run through the Alpujarra. You need to be in good shape for some of the sections due to the steep hills in the area, but don't forget that the air you breath in this area is the best gasoline for your lungs and the local cuisine will give you the push you need to keep going "the views”.

On the Almeria side there are a host of stunning routes you can take, starting with Laujar de Andarax, which is where the beautiful road and mountain biking routes start from, going to towns such as Fondón, Benecid, Alcolea and many other Alpujarra villages that you will love.

There are also many options on the Granada side. One of the most attractive is the one that we did, starting from Laroles.

As you can see, Laroles is a lovely village in the Granada Alpujarra where fun routes start, like the one that we did that goes to Júbar, one of the highest, oldest and best preserved villages in all the Granada and Almería Alpujarra and where you can enjoy outstanding views.

In short, a daring option for athletes in an area which is great fun for pedal lovers due to its landscape, hills, trails and countryside, which you will really enjoy, whatever level you are.

Beautiful trails for hiking

If you like hiking and you're staying in the Almería Alpujarra area, the following options will be very enticing. We could spend quite some time coming up with proposals of the most appealing hikes through the mountains, but we decided to make it a bit easier for you with 3 options, one in the Almería Alpujarra, another in the Granada Alpujarra and another which connects both Alpujarras with the La Ragua mountain pass.

The first leaves from the La Fabriquilla Restaurant, in Laujar de Andarax, on the Almeria side of the Alpujarra. This restaurant, which is enclosed in a valley full of vegetation along the Andarax river, is our starting point for just over 8 kilometres of trails that pass through the old hydroelectric channel, where you can enjoy beautiful waterfalls and spectacular vegetation.

The route is circular and given that it finishes in the Fabriquilla, our suggestion, without trying to make your mouth water, is that you end the route at lunchtime and fill your boots with a superb Alpujarreño dish, char-grilled meats or any typical dish from the Alpujarra area which are truly unique.

The next of our proposals is the a real treat and the GR7 stretch that runs between Laroles (Granada Alpujarra), Bayárcal (Almería Alpujarra) and the Puerto de la Ragua.

16 km long where you will see everything. From the beautiful white villages of alpujarras.

To the amazing forests of the La Ragua mountain pass, where walking is like moving between forests in Lapland, Canada and Switzerland. We're not exaggerating. Take a look at the proof. Yes, this is Andalusia.

And if these 2 routes aren't enough, we present the last of the options, this time in the Granada Alpujarra with an old man who will be the star of this route, waiting at the end of the route to leave you speechless!

This is the well-known route of "The age-old chestnut”, and being able to embrace this ancient forest being is the final prize of the route.

The route is easy, about 10 kilometres, circular and covers some of the most beautiful views of the mountains, as you can see below... pure delight!

Crossing mountain landscapes in a 4x4

If pedals are too much for you, walking really isn't your thing and you don't want to miss out on enjoying these landscapes that we have shown you on foot and bike, we bring you the final proposal, that you won't want to miss: see and discover the Granada and Almería Alpujarra in a 4x4, which companies such as Nevadensis regularly carry out in the area.

The advantage of this way of discovering the mountains is that they are routes interpreted by local professionals who will spice up the route with interesting facts and stories about everything you see.

Thanks to the 4x4, you can appreciate the tremendous contrast of the landscapes that you can see along the route. To give you an idea, in over 2 hours of route, you can start in the forests.

And end in open countryside with spectacular views like this one.

In short, we have put together 3 options for you to see the area in truly fun ways while you get in touch with nature in the healthiest and most active way possible, encouraging you to discover the trails, fauna, flora, and of course, the Granada and Almería landscapes, a wonder within everyone's reach.

Discovering the alpujarras landscapes in a 4x4, hiking and biking
Laroles, Laujar de Andarax, Nevada (Almería, Granada)